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Law Library 

The Lane County Law Library provides legal books, web based resources, and staff to help you use those resources. The library is open to the general public, attorneys, litigants, court staff, and county staff.

About the Library

The library is located in the basement of the Public Service Building downtown next to the County Courthouse. The facilities include a print collection, a computer research room, a meeting room, copiers, and tables for reading and research. The law library provides access to print materials including treatises, practice guides, statutes, cases, and CLEs from the Oregon State Bar. The library also provides free access to internet based research including Westlaw, Lexis, NCLC, and other materials.

Mission Statement:  The Lane County Law Library is dedicated to providing a high-level of service to all members of the community. As part of this mission, the Law Library strives to provide access to legal materials needed for legal research by members of the bar, the judiciary and the public.

The Library is managed by Neil Miller. Neil is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Law. If you have questions about services, or materials in the library, feel free to contact him through the sidebar on the left side of this page.

Before visiting we encourage you to consider our — Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Law Library. 

Library News

Staff Hours:

The librarian has returned to his normal hours; 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

The library has recently received:

Advance Sheets from the Oregon Judicial Department. Although the library has replaced much of its print collection with electronic resources; advance sheets have been missed by many and the library has a subscription for 2014-2015.

Finally, the library is trying to bring resources like form books, ALRs, and other general sets to more recent editions.

In other news:

The library recently closed its backroom. The librarian moved much of the material from the backroom into the main area and discarded some duplicative materials. This change will come in two stages and we appreciate your patience during the transition. The first part will mean greater foot traffic until early 2015. The second stage will mean a quieter library with a smaller footspace. The great news for our patrons is that the library will be able to dedicate more of its resources to books and research services.

Research Guides

Need help finding legal information? The library has put together a set of research guides on many common legal areas for our patrons. Note that many of the resources listed in the guides are books carried in the library. Some books are located behind the librarian’s desk. If the material is not at the librarian’s desk, then our library has two main areas, the “Main Collection” and the “Oregon Collection” and each is organized by call number (such as KF 8915.O15 2010).

Adoption (pdf)

Finding Forms (pdf)

Bankruptcy (pdf)

Foreclosure (pdf)

Birth Certificates (pdf)

Landlord / Tenant (pdf)

Creditors’ Rights (pdf)

Motions (pdf)

Criminal Law (pdf)

Name Change (pdf)

Debtors Rights (pdf)

Pleadings (pdf)

Expunge / Set Aside Criminal Record (pdf)

Traffic Violations And Crimes (pdf)

Online Library Catalog (link)

Online Sources of Law (pdf) - This documents contains links to sources of law including Oregon and U.S. Federal Statutes, Administrative Rules, Case Law, Administrative Decisions, and Court Rules.

Online Research Websites (pdf) - This document contains links to websites that explain the law.

Other Services Provided by the Law Library

The law library staff has extensive legal research skills. We encourage all visitors to ask questions on their sources or methods.

If you are new to online legal research, our staff can help you understand Westlaw, Lexis, or Fastcase. We are happy to give training on any research done in the library. If you want to make any training more convenient, feel free to contact staff to set up a time for training.