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The law library is centrally located on the lower level of the Courthouse/Public Service Building complex with its main entrance southwest of the cafeteria.  The facility is accessible to the handicapped.


Monday through Friday, 8:00 am through 5:00 pm , and closed on holidays.

Seating and Study Carrels

The law library provides a number of lighted study carrels as well as open table seating at the index tables.  Some carrels have electrical outlets.


Phone (541) 682-4337
FAX  (541) 682-4315

Mailing Address

Lane County Law Library
125 East 8th Avenue
Eugene , Oregon 97401




















History and Background

The Lane County Law Library was established by the Lane County Commissioners on April 24, 1948 after resolution by the local bar (ORS 9.840).  The Law Library has been housed in several locations over the years, but it moved into its present facility in the fall of 1977.

The Law Library is fully supported by fees collected as a component of civil case filings in the Lane County Circuit Court.

It is administered by the Lane County Office of County Counsel with the assistance of the Lane County Law Library Advisory Committee.  The Committee is comprised of two lay members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners and seven other members appointed by the Lane County Bar Association.  The Committee meets regularly to review and make recommendations regarding library activities.

Overview of Law Library Resources

Collection: The 15,000 volumes in the Law Library's collection include a core collection of Oregon laws, regulations, and cases in print, as well as a set of basic treatises and handbooks on Oregon law, written for the practitioner and non-attorney users.  In addition, the law library offers access to all states and Federal reported decisions, all Federal laws, the laws of the 50 states and U.S. Territories, and basic legal treatises for attorney users.   The collection also emphasizes self-help publications and provides access to electronic resources.

Circulation Policies: The Lane County Law Library is primarily a legal reference (non-circulating) library for attorneys and litigants.  This ensures that materials in its collection are available for use on the premises.  However, there are instances when some materials are available for loan, for brief circulation periods.  Please see the Law Librarian for details on the circulation policies.

Computer Use: There is a public access terminals for WESTLAW, a commercial on-line database that provides access to the laws of all 50 states and their reported decisions.  In addition, the Law Library offers public access to HeinOnline (historical federal legisltive and administrtive materials and law review) and limited access to LEIXS, another commerical legal service.  The library also provides public terminals for r legal research on the Internet.   There is no fee for using these services, although the Law Library does charge $.20 per page for printing or copying.  It is recommended that patrons make appointments for the use of a computer for WESTLAW or internet research.  Please contact a member of the law library staff for more information (682-4337).

Reference Assistance: Staff are available to assist patrons in their use of the law library.  The Law Library staff provides reference service to users, by advising patrons on research methods and resources, or by pointing out alternatives or related materials.  The staff can assist patrons in using the card catalog and in locating needed materials that are not within the Law Library's collection.

Please note that law library staff are prohibited from engaging the unauthorized practice of law by state laws (ORS 9.160).  By law, they are prohibited from interpreting statutes, cases, regulations, or limitations of actions.  They cannot recommend specific forms or assist in completing forms or advise patrons of their legal rights or obligations.   If legal advice is needed, staff can provide patrons with information about contacting legal referral services or legal aid.

Classes: As part of the services offered to patrons, the Law Librarian offers one-on-one instruction for using the library's automated resources (WESTLAW and the Internet).  For a schedule of current classes being offered, please contact the Law Librarian at 682-4113 or click on the web page link to "Library Training Calendar".

Copiers: The Law Library maintains photocopying equipment for use by patrons.  There are two self-service copy machines located near the Information Desk.  Both accept prepaid copy cards and one can also accept coins or currency.  Copy cards can be purchased from the library staff. Cost for copying or printing is $.20 per page.

Fax/Document Delivery: The Law Library also offers other services for a fee, including sending or receiving of faxes, loan of video equipment for use in courtrooms (VELP), and document delivery via fax or mail.  For information on any of these other services, please contact the Law Librarian.