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Deeds and Records Fees  

The fee for recording a document depends on:

  • The type of document.
  • The number of titles.
  • The number of pages.
  • Whether the document meets the statutory first page requirements.

To see a list of fees for common documents, click Fees by Document Type.

For payment we accept personal checks, money orders or cash.  Checks and money orders should be made payable to:  Lane County Deeds and Records.  We do not accept debit or credit cards.

To see the statutory first page recording requirements, click on the following link:  Document Recording Requirements.

Deeds and Records Fee Schedule - Document Recording

All documents are subject to several of the fees below.  Please see Fees by Document Type link above for the cost to record a particular document.

Recording Fee  
ORS 205.320(4)(b)
$5.00 per page
Multiple Reference Fee
ORS 205.320 (4)(11)(12)
$5.00 for each referenced document after the first
Multiple Title Fee
ORS 205.320 (4)(13)(14)
$5.00 for each title (transaction) after the first.
Public Land Corner Preservation Fund Fee

ORS 205.130 (2)

ORS 203.148 (2)
ORS 205.320 (10)
Lane Code 2.900(4)

$10.00 per document. 

Housing and Community Services Department Fee
ORS 205.323
$20.00 per document
Implementation and Collection
Oregon Housing and Community Services Department Fee
ORS 205.320(9)
Lane Manual 60.812(6)

$1.00 per document

A&T / OLIS Fee
ORS 205.323(1)(3)
$11.00 per document
Non-Standard Fee – applies to documents that do not comply with ORS 205.232, 205.234, 205.327. $20.00 per document
Plat Approval Fee
ORS 205.350
ORS 92.100
Lane Code 2.900(2)
$5.00 per plat
Subdivision & Partition Lot Fee
ORS 205.350
Lane Code 2.900(3)
$20.00, plus $10.00 per lot

Deeds and Records Fee Schedule - Other Services

Records Research – locating a document requested by a party
ORS 205.320(4)
$3.75 per document
Certification of a recorded document
ORS 205.320(4)
$3.75 per document
ORS 205.320(4)
Lane Manual 60.830
$.25 per copy
Filing Fee – for documents required to be filed (not recorded)
ORS 205.320(1)
$5.00 per document