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Mandatory County Policies for Vendors 

(1)   Smoking Prohibited.  Smoking is prohibited on County property, whether inside or outside a building, except in designated smoking areas.


(2)   Respectful Work Environment.  Discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, threats, violence, quid pro quo demands, offensive or degrading remarks, or conduct, are prohibited.  In addition, accessing, playing, downloading, or broadcasting of media content containing images or language that may be discriminatory, harassing, threatening, violent, offensive, degrading, or hold sexual content is prohibited.


(3)   Drug-Free Workplace.  Possessing, transacting, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol anywhere on County property, or while in transit to or from County workplaces, is prohibited.  An exception is made for prescription drugs where the possession or use does not impair safety; however, the use, possession, or being under the influence of medical marijuana is prohibited at all times.

(4)   Workplace Violence Prohibited.  Threats, acts of intimidation, assault, battery, stalking, physical abuse, confinement, physical anger, or rage are prohibited.


(5)   Firearms and Weapons Prohibited.  Firearms, and dangerous and deadly weapons (as defined in ORS 166.210(3), 161.015, and 166.360(5)) are prohibited at any time while on County property or while working for the County, regardless of whether possessor may hold a permit.

(6)  Animals Prohibited.  Except for service animals as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act, possession of animals at any time while on County Property is prohibited.  An exception may be made for an animal kept in appropriate containment locked in its owner's vehicle, if the vendor agress in writing to hold the County harmless from any liability, including attorney fees, which may arise from the presence of the animal within a vehicle at a County site.