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Lane County Procurement 
Lane County does not maintain at this time a separate Purchasing office.  Contracts and purchasing for the County are done by designated persons within each of the county departments.

RFP’s and Bids are generally conducted on an as-needed basis, dependent upon estimated contract value, length of contract term, or competitive environment. A typical solicitation usually involves research, conducting an RFP/RFB, as well as execution of the final contract, which may require approval from the Board of Commissioners.County purchasing programs ensure that all public contracting and purchase acquisitions are in compliance with applicable statutes and regulations.

Please visit the COUNTY-WIDE BID PAGE to learn about current RFP's and Bids.


For clarification, the following purchasing terminology is generally used throughout the County:


Request for Information (RFI)

A request for vendors to tell the County their capabilities without submitting an actual bid for services. A contract is not awarded in this case. An RFI generally acts as a pre-screen to qualify candidates for an RFP or Bid.


Request for Proposal (RFP)

A request for vendors to submit a cost proposal for services, qualifications information, and response to questions regarding service capabilities. An RFP is scored using both qualitative and quantitative criteria and may include vendor site visits, interviews, reference calls, etc. The contract is generally awarded to the proposer offering the best overall value.


Request for Bid  (RFB)  or "Bid"

A solicitation published in a trade journal or wide-circulation daily newspaper for vendors to submit a cost proposal only. The contract is usually awarded to the lowest bidder. When projects are more complex and costly (such as construction projects), a bid bond and a performance bond may be required, among other requirements.

Request for Quote (RFQ)

A request made directly to 3 or more vendors for cost quote and qualifications information. The contract is generally awarded to the bidder offering the best overall value.