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Audra L. Stewart
Interim Public Records Officer

Lane County Administration
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Public Records 

Lane County Government strives to provide access to information in a timely manner. For some records, Lane County requires community members to complete a records request form.

Lane County Government

Community members may fill out a Public Records Request Form. Public Record Request Forms must be submitted to: Audra L. Stewart, Interim Public Records Officer, Lane County Administration, 125 E. Eighth Ave., Eugene, OR 97401; or request forms may be made to the Department Director for the Department that has custody and control of the requested records.   

  • Please try to be specific about the public record(s) you are seeking.  Asking for “any and all” documents relating to a particular subject or document can require a substantial investment of time and/or lead to a vast number of responsive documents.  This can lead to substantial cost.
  • Lane County shall locate and assemble the record(s) requested, eliminating any records which are exempt from disclosure (ORS 192.410 to 192.505).  Lane County shall charge a reasonable fee for the location, assemblage, copying, and review of the records as allowed under ORD 192.440.
  • If the estimated cost of locating, assembling, copying and reviewing the requested documents is less than $25, the department may proceed with completing the records request. The requestor must arrange payment of the balance due prior to receipt of the requested documents.
  • If the estimated cost exceeds $25, Lane County must provide an estimate to the requestor and stop any work on the request until payment is received in the estimated amount.  If the requestor chooses to pay the estimated amount, work will be done in a reasonable amount of time.  If the time and resources spent on the request exceed the estimated amount, the documents will be provided upon receipt of balance due.

Lane County Sheriff’s Office

The Lane County Sheriff's Office Police Records Unit is the point of contact for Lane County Sheriff's Office Police Records requests, including police reports and incident logs. Requests must be made using the Sheriff's Office Request for Police Record Form.  The form must be submitted in person, or via US Mail.  The Sheriff's office cannot accept faxed or emailed requests.


Pre-payment must accompany the request. See our Records Fee Schedule to learn more.  If the Sheriff's Office is not able to fulfill the request, in most cases, the fee will be refunded.


Requests for Corrections (Jail) records should be directed to the Lane County Correctional Facility using the Adult Corrections Public Record Request Form.  The fee schedule is included at the bottom of the Corrections' Public Records form for general requests.  The General Consent form is used to request Corrections (Jail) Medical records.


Please be advised that law enforcement records are subject to different release criteria than other forms of public records. In cases where the Sheriff’s Office cannot provide a record, the requestor will be provided with the specifics as to why their request could not be fulfilled, or be provided with a timeline for when the record will be releasable.


If you have questions about whether a Sheriff's Office record is releasable, or to obtain further information, please contact:


  • For Police Records: the Police Records Unit from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Saturdays at 541-682-3775.
  • For Corrections Records: the Jail Records Unit, Monday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 541-682-4263.

More information regarding Police Records

More information regarding Corrections Records

Vital and Other Records

Birth Certificates 
For those born in the Past 6 months
For those OVER 6 months of age

Divorce Records /Criminal Records/ Probate Records are with the Circuit Court and can be requested here:

Death Certificates
For those deceased for MORE THAN 6 months
For those deceased LESS THAN 6 months

Marriage Licenses
For information on Obtaining a Marriage License record click here:

Additional Resources
Lane Manual:  Inspection of Public Records and Requests for Information
Quick Guide:  Oregon Public Records Law

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It is the policy of Lane County that the public has a right to inspect any public record maintained by the County, consistent with state law (ORS Chapter192). Responses to public requests for inspection of records and information should be done as soon as practicable and without unreasonable delay. Reasonable delays in responding may occur depending upon the nature of the request, workload and staffing of the office which must respond and other factors.