Redistricting Task Force Meetings 
June 24th 
    Moonshadow Software Training #1

July 28th 
    Two At-Large Members Chosen

August 9th
    Memo from Bill Clingman (LCOG) regarding 2010 Population Distribution
    Memo from Legal Counsel regarding Reapportionment

August 18th
    Moonshadow Software Training #2

August 19th

August 25th 

September 1st
    Memo from Legal Counsel regarding Voter Registration Data

September 7th 
    Summary of Scenarios A - E by LCOG
    Summary of All Scenarios

September 22nd
    Draft Minutes
    Five Scenarios Moving Forward for Board Consideration on 9-27-2011  

September 27th
    Presentation to the Board
    Task Force Memo to the Board