Types of Abuse 

Oregon law recognizes these types of abuse:

Physical Injury— Bruises, welts, burns, cuts, broken bones, sprains, bites, etc., which are deliberately inflicted.  Injuries may be in the shape of the article used (belt buckle, electrical cord), and may not match the child’s description of how the injury occurred (“I fell on the couch” to explain a fracture, for example).

Neglect—  Failure to provide food, shelter, medicine, etc. to such a degree that a child’s health and safety are endangered.  Neglected children often don’t want to leave school, are constantly tired, are left alone with no supervision, and/ or have unmet physical, emotional or medical needs.

Sexual Abuse/ Sexual Expolitation—  Any sexual contact in which a child is used to sexually stimulate another person.  This may be anything from rape to fondling to involving a child in pornography.  Sexually abused/ exploited children often have difficulty walking or sitting, pain or itching in the genital area, torn, stained or bloody underclothing, poor peer relationships, fantasy or infantile behavior, fear of being left with someone, inappropriate interest in or knowledge or acting out of sexual matters, or behavioral problems listed under “Mental Injury”.

Threat of Harm—  Any action, statement, written or non-verbal message which is serious enough to make a child believe (s)he is in danger of being abused. 

Mental Injury— A continuing pattern of rejecting, terrorizing, ignoring, isolating or corrupting a child, resulting in serious damage to the child.  Victims of this type of abuse ofter have speech or sleep disorders, fail to grow normally, are very aggressive or withdrawn, and show an abnormal need for emotional support.

Child Selling— Buying, selling or trading for legal or physical custody of a child.  *** Does not apply to legitimate adoption or domestic relations planning.

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