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FEMA Emergency Food and Shelter Program 

Program Overview -


The Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program was created in 1983 to supplement the work of local social service organizations within the United States, both private and governmental, to help people in need of emergency assistance. This collaborative effort between the private and public sectors has disbursed over $2.3 billion in Federal funds during its 21-year history.


Funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) is designed to help nonprofit and local government agencies feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and prevent hunger and homelessness for thousands of people facing non-disaster emergencies. This public/private partnership carries through to the grassroots level as local boards determine how to use EFSP funds in their communities.


Lane County is responsible for:

  • Coordinating a process to advertise and solicit applications for funding
  • Recruiting members for the local EFSP board
  • Facilitate the funding allocation process. Pima County acts as a liaison between the National EFSP local recipient organizations for all reporting and monitoring purposes.

Program Intent -

  • For the purchase of food and shelter
  • To supplement and expand current available resources
  • Not to substitute or reimburse ongoing programs and services, or to start new programs


The local EFSP is designed to ensure cooperation between agencies and allocation of funds to the neediest areas. The local board is composed of representatives knowledgeable of local service needs and will prioritize funding allocations accordingly.


EFSP Board -


Lane County is responsible for convening a local board whose composition mirrors the National Board.


Local board members represent nonprofit and local governmental organizations that provide services to homeless and near homeless individuals and families. The local board is responsible for establishing local priorities for funding, reviewing applications, and making funding allocations to the selected local recipient organizations.


 Board Member   Representing
 Kit Bradley Chair  Community Leader
 Gary Powell Vice Chair  National Council of Churches
 Hugh Massengill Secretary  Homeless Advocate
 Thomas Mulhern  National Conference of Catholic Churches
 Bob Peters  United Way of Lane County
 Steve Manela  Lane County Health & Human Services
 Mike Fleck  Community Sharing Program
 Beverlee Hughes  FOOD for Lane County
 Francisca Leyva-Johnson  Community Leader/City of Eugene

Program Eligibility -


For a local agency to be eligible for funding it must be a non-profit or an agency of government, and have demonstrated ability to provide food and/or shelter assistance. Funds are intended to supplement and expand on-going services.