Survivor's Benefits 

Dependency and Indemnity Compensation  (DIC)


DIC benefits are awarded to surviving spouses or dependent children of deceased veterans in one of two situations.  First, this benefit is awarded if the veteran’s cause of death is due to his or her military service (“service connected

death”).  This requires that a health condition related to service was at least a contributing cause of the veteran’s death.  The condition need NOT have been recognized as service connected prior to the veteran’s passing.


Second, DIC is available if the veteran was either:
a) continuously rated at 100% (including “unemployable”) for the 10 years preceding death; or
b) continuously rated at 100% for the 5 years preceding death, if rated at 100% effective the day after military separation; or
c) was a former POW and rated at 100% for at least one year prior to death.

Surviving Spouse Pension 
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