Human Services Division Accountability 

How we are accountable

The Human Services Division is accountable, resourceful and diligent as stewards of public resources. Each year, we join local government together with local non-profits representing thousands of people. The partnership supports vital community services and leverages a multitude of resources to help those in need.

We provide accountability through monitoring and evaluation of all funded services by professional staff.

  • The Human Service Fund is audited annually by an outside professional audit firm as a part of the County’s Audit. State and Federal funding agencies also perform financial and program audits annually.
  • Resources for essential human services are allocated fairly and equitably through a bi-annual bidding process.
  • A full 94% of financial support goes directly to helping people in crisis and preventing homelessness.
  • For every dollar invested in the Human Service Fund, the agencies funded leverage an additional $4 in cash, donated goods and volunteer hours.