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Family Mediation Program 


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Information and Referral

FMP provides information and referrals to parents involved in domestic relations matters. Parents can telephone our office or walk in to find out about our services, register for mediation and education classes, apply for financial assistance to attend the Focus on Children class, and learn about other agencies and resources dealing with domestic relations matters.

Parenting Plan Mediation
Parents meet with a professional, court-approved, domestic relations mediator to develop a mutually agreeable custody arrangement and a parenting time schedule. The mediator guides discussions without taking sides or making decisions. Mediation is voluntary, confidential, and impartial.

Mediation helps parents plan for their children's futures in a supportive setting; increases trust and improves communication between parents; and helps parents to develop new skills to handle future disagreements.

Mediation services are free of charge; however, both parents must first attend the Focus on Children class before mediation will be scheduled.

Focus on Children (click here to register online)
This class helps parents respond to children’s needs and minimize the negative impact of parental separation and litigation, discusses the creation and modification of parenting plans, and addresses family adjustments to new or proposed living arrangements. Classes are held weekly, and there is a fee to attend.

Attendance at Focus on Children is required by the Court if you are the parent of a minor and you are a party in a Lane County dissolution (divorce), legal separation, legal action to establish custody and/or parenting time, or post-judgment litigation to modify custody and/or parenting time. This class fulfills the Court’s education and mediation requirements.


Attending this class also opens the door to free parenting plan mediation, even if you don’t have an active court case.

Facilitated Parenting Time

This program provides a safe space for Lane County families that have a court order and/or judgment for supervised parenting time.  Our offices are equipped toys, books, and games. Program staff provides sight and sound monitoring and is present at all times.

The parent receiving facilitated parenting time pays a fee to FMP for an initial orientation and for each parenting-time session. The other parent will attend a separate orientation for which there is no fee. Parenting-time sessions last 90 minutes and take place one to three times per week, depending on client needs and program availability.

Family Check-Up

FMP provides Family Check-Up services to families. These sessions look at family functioning and provide family-centered interventions to identify strengths, address areas in need of attention, and help motivate participants to make positive changes.  Family Check-Up is a program developed by the University of Oregon; families do not need to be separating or divorcing to access these services. Call for eligibility criteria.

Parenting Plans
AFCC Planning for Shared Parenting, A Guide for Parents Living Apart
Planning for Parenting Time
Guidebook for Parents Wishing to Reunite with their Children
Children's Jobs & Needs: What Parents Can Do

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Lane County Resources
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Office Location and Parking Options (click here for map)
Free two-hour parking is available on the north side of the building. Metered parking is available in the Hult Center Parking Garage (located at 7th & Olive) and on surrounding streets.

Parking for Focus on Children Class:
Tuesday morning class: You CANNOT park on the north side of the building for the Tuesday morning class as the class is three-hours long and you cannot leave the class to move your vehicle.  You will need to park in the Hult Center Parking Garage (located at the corner of 7th & Olive).

Wednesday evening class: You CAN park on the north side of the building. For the evening class, it is fine to park there for more than the two hour stated.