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Trillium Behavioral Health 

LaneCare was established in 1997 to manage mental health services for the Oregon Health Plan in Lane County. Effective August 1, 2012 LaneCare became part of the newly formed Coordinated Care Organization for Lane County, Trillium Community Health Plan.

As a department of Lane County Health & Human Services, Trillium Behavioral Health remains dedicated to continuing improvements to the health of all Lane County residents.

Trillium Behavioral Health staff are available to talk to you when you need to find mental health counseling or treatment services. We can help you identify an appropriate service and coordinate your care to ensure the best possible outcome for you or your family member.

We will be locating to new premises at the end of 2012. Our new phone numbers and address are posted on the left of this screen.

Trillium Behavioral Health supports a range of mental health services in Lane County including:

  • Services delivered by consumer and parent run organizations
  • Community prevention efforts including parent training & suicide prevention for teens
  • Crisis response
  • Out patient treatment
  • Intensive community-based treatment supports
  • Residential and hospital services

OHP members can call any of our contracted providers to begin treatment or
 contact us at one of the numbers below to find help identifying the available services.


Toll-Free 1-877-600-5472      Oregon Relay 1-800-600-5473

We look forward to helping you if the need arises.