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UO Meningococcal Update

All University of Oregon undergraduate students and graduate students living on campus should be vaccinated for Meningitis B.

Vaccine is widely available throughout Lane County and the rest of the state at pharmacies and at the University Health Center.  If you are the parent of a UO student, encourage your child to get vaccinated.

·        Pharmacies throughout Oregon will vaccinate UO Students with a UO ID and an insurance card.  Call for vaccine availability and billing information. 

·        All Safeway, Albertsons, and Walgreen partner pharmacies in Oregon have standing orders to vaccinate:

o   UO undergraduate students,

o   UO graduate students living in campus residence halls or fraternity/sorority houses, and

o   UO students with high risk medical conditions of absent or abnormal spleen function, including sickle cell disease, or complement deficiency.

o   Insurance will be billed directly and there is no cost to the student.

·        Lane Community College Students, Northwest Christian University, and other students living at Capstone at 13th & Olive are also eligible to receive vaccination at partner pharmacies, with a student ID, insurance card, and proof of residence at Capstone.

·        If you (or your student) do not fit into the recommended groups for vaccination, please contact your healthcare provider to discussion your situation and check with your insurance carrier about coverage.  Others may be vaccinated with a specific physician prescription. 

There have been six cases of type B meningococcal disease at the UO since mid-January. One student died. The University of Oregon, Lane County, and Oregon Health Authority are working to prevent further infections.

If you had close contact with one of the ill students: Call Lane County Public Health at (541) 682-4041. A nurse will help decide if antibiotics are needed to help prevent illness.

Meningococcus bacteria spread by coughing, sneezing, or close personal contact such as sharing drinks or kissing.

“This meningococcal outbreak is not over. We won’t be surprised if we see more cases. That’s why undergrads and those with high-risk medical conditions should get vaccinated right away. It’s the best way to reduce your risk of infection.” Dr. Paul Cieslak, Oregon Health Authority

For more information, and FAQ:


    -- Meningococcal FAQ

-- Meningococcal Type B Vaccine FAQ


Flu Vaccine is now Available!


The Communicable Disease Program is offering the flu vaccine at its weekly clinic, held every Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Charnelton Community Clinic (151 W. 7th St.). Vaccinations are also available by appointment. Follow the Communicable Disease link on the left to schedule.

To learn more about the vaccine, check out the CDC's website here. 

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