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Chelsea Whitney
Nurse-Family Partnership Supervisor

Phone: 541-682-8783

Kevin Burns
Maternal Child Health Supervisor

Phone: 541-682-4670

For referrals and intake:
: 541-682-8720
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Maternal Child Health Programs 

Lane County Public Health

Maternal Child Health Programs

General Information

Maternal Child Health (MCH) Programs function to ensure that mothers and babies are healthy in Lane County. The goal is to optimize pregnancy, birth and childhood outcomes for Lane County Families through education, support, and referral to appropriate medical and developmental services. There are a variety of parent supports available, working with a nurse or other trained professional.

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MCH Program Descriptions

Maternal Child Health Programs include:

  • Oregon MothersCare (OMC) enrolls pregnant women in the Oregon Health Plan faster, provides individual education and support, helps find prenatal care, and assists with finding the right services within Public Health and the community. Call (541) 682-3926 or click here for more information about Oregon MothersCare in Lane County. 
  • Maternity Case Management (MCM) is an education and support program for women with social or health concerns during pregnancy and after the birth of their child. Visit the Maternity Case Management website.
  • Babies First! (BF!) identifies children at risk for developmental delays or other health conditions. Nurses provide parents with information to help them overcome or cope with developmental delays and connect with other medical or support services. Visit the Babies First website.
  • CaCoon helps families with medically fragile infants to care for their children as independently as possible. Visit the CaCoon website.
  • Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) partners first-time parents with a nurse early in the pregnancy to receive ongoing visits that continue through the child’s second birthday. Visit the Nurse-Family Partnership website. 
  • Healthy Families Lane County (formerly Healthy Start) is a free family support and parent education home visiting program that can start prenatally or after birth and continue until the child’s third birthday. Visit the Healthy Families website. 


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The Benefits of MCH Programs

  • Meet with clients in their home or in the community
  • Serve rural Lane County
  • Communicate using current technology, such as text and email
  • Flexible meeting times between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Interpreters available in person and over the phone
  • Therapeutic nurse-client relationships built on trust, mutual respect and empowerment
  • Comprehensive by design, so multiple needs can be addressed in one visit (vs. interventions that have more narrow outcomes)
  • Ongoing nurse continuity = One nurse for one family
  • Early identification of problems and swift intervention
  • Support to families with children who have special health needs

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How to Receive Services from MCH

Please download and fill out  our referral form. Please email the completed form to our referral address, fax the completed form to (541) 682-3925, or call (541) 682-8720 and ask for MCH Services.

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Other Resources for Families

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Phone: (541) 682-8720 (ask for MCH Services)


Program Supervisors: Chelsea Whitney and Kevin Burns

LCPH services are available regardless of age, race, color, sex, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and marital status. LCPH facilities are wheelchair accessible. LCPH materials are available upon request in alternative formats such as: large print, Braille and other languages.