Youth Services 

Welcome to Lane County Youth Services online payment system. 

You can use this site to make payments on Supervision Fees, Restitution, Catering events, and to make donations to the Department.

We accept Visa and MasterCard only on this site. 



Lane County Youth Services offers you this opportunity to conduct business online for your convenience. It also allows a department to make services/items more readily accessible to the public with computer access and in a cost effective manner.

One intent of this online service is to create an electronic record of our transaction. This means that Lane County and the consumer can access, print, and store the record through our own computer systems. We are both entitled to rely on the electronic record as our agreement. There will not be a separate written record to confirm our transaction.

Any electronic record created as part of a transaction between the consumer and Lane County relating to the purchase of items or services satisfies any legal right the consumer may have to a contract or written record.

If there is a change in the consumers name, phone number, mailing or e-mail addresses, the consumer agrees to notify the Lane County program/division which processed the electronic transaction of such change. If the consumer does not take this action, they will accept full responsibility for the lack of any notice of the status of the transaction, and Lane County's potential inability to complete the transaction, including to properly process credits to the consumer's account as appropriate.

The consumer may withdraw consent to allow the electronic version of record to be the only written record of our transaction. If they do choose to withdraw consent, they can request that the Lane County program/division provide hard copy of written documents, confirming the transaction. In response, the Department may print the electronic record and send it by mail, and the consumer may be charged a per page fee and postage to your credit card.

The Consumer needs to review Lane County's general (and any item-specific) policies covering Return and Refund, general Shipping and Delivery/Order Fulfillment (and any item-specific) policies, E-Commerce Security policy, in addition to Lane County's Web Site Privacy Information and Public Records on County Internet Website policies. By submitting an order, the consumer agrees that these policies are acceptable and satisfactory to warrant proceeding with this purchase.  




Refund policy for Lane County Department of Youth’s online payment for fees, restitution, donations and catering events. 

Fees and Restitution
:  Refunds will be made for customer accounts which have been closed and do not have another open account in their name and have a credit balance.


Refunds may also be made on a case by case basis for Fees and Restitution as requested by the customer or noticed as necessary by the Department representative.


Any request for refunds must be made in writing and should be directed to:


Lane County Department of Youth Services

Attn:  Finance

2727 Martin Luther King Jr., Blvd

Eugene, OR 97401


You may also send the request via fax to 541-682-4732.


In your correspondence with the Department of Youth Services for your refund for supervision fees or restitution payments, please have the following information:


The youth’s first and last name; description of service, i.e., supervision fees or restitution fees; requestor’s first and last name and mailing address; amount you would like refunded; and a brief description of why you are requesting the refund.


Donations and Catering
: Any request for refunds of donations or payments for catering events should be in writing including your name (or organization), address and description of why you are requesting the refund. (If catering event please include Event # from your invoice or order).


If a refund is made, it will be processed back to your credit card.  The Department will not issue checks as refunds for services paid for by credit card. 


Fees charged by the US Bank are not refunded by the Department of Youth Services as those charges are not paid to the department.




Shipping and Delivery/Order Fulfillment Policy
Payments for Supervision Fees, Restitution Fee and Catering charges will be applied to the Customer’s account within 5 business days.