Youth Services - Division Overview 

Overview of Division of Youth Services

The Department of Youth Services (DYS) provides assessment, probation, training, counseling and detention services for all youth, ages 12-17 years old, referred by local law enforcement because of criminal behavior. It is the branch of Lane County government responsible for services to youth accused of law violations or judged delinquent by the juvenile court. DYS is funded from the Lane County general fund, along with some state and federal grant funding for new programs.  The Juvenile Court is an arm of the Oregon state circuit court system and is housed at the department.

DYS is staffed by Group Workers and counselors specializing in juvenile corrections.  DYS staff are county employees and are all experienced in working with troubled youth. The department is organized into five units:

Administration includes the Division Manager, Assistant Division Manager, Sr. Management Analyst, Sr. Program Services Coordinator, Administrative Supervisor, Office Assistants and department records. 

Intake screens and assess all new cases, referring some to the family to handle, referring some to diversion programs, placing some youth on Formal Accountability contracts and taking some youth to juvenile court. Intake also manages the secure reception area where police offers bring youth charged with crimes or for whom a warrant has been issued. 

Supervision prepares disposition (sentencing) reports and probation agreements for the courts and supervises youth placed on probation by the court for person and property crimes.   

The Drug Intervention Team works with youth assessed to have drug and alcohol problems which have impacted their behavior, referring them to appropriate treatment, supervising them on probation and taking some to drug court.  

Detention manages  Lane County's detention facility where youth who are a risk to public safety await trial and/or out-of-home placement.  Additional Information on Lane County Juvenile Detention

Phoenix Treatment Program  purpose is to provide a safe therapeutic community for youth that assists them to develop the skills necessary to live successfully in the treatment community and to provide effective support and transition services that facilitate their successful return to the community of origin.  

On March, 2000, the Department of Youth Services moved into the Juvenile Justice Center on the John Serbu Youth Campus.  The new facility has two court rooms, improved security, expanded medical facilities and room for increased detention.