Lane County GIS Map Gallery 

Easy Property Information Lookup

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Easy Property Information Lookup Search for properties by address or tax lot number to find Planning and Zoning, Wetlands and Floodplain information. Click on links to see the property on a map or to bring up more detailed documents.

Mapping Applications

Click on a Lane County Mapping Application from the table below.

New Mobile / Desktop Apps Classic Apps* Description
Fern Ridge Community Policing District NA Determine if an address is within the proposed Fern Ridge Community Policing District. 
Commissioner Search Commissioner Search Elected Officials Schools and School districts.
Lane County Maps Lane County Maps Transportation, vegetation, political boundaries, parcels, addresses, and land use.
Zone and Plan Maps Zone and Plan Maps Zoning, planning, flooding hazards, streams, soils, and parks.
SIDO Maps SIDO Maps Survey data, images, and documents.
Road Closures & Construction Road Closure & Constructions Location and duration of road closures and construction and alternative routes.
Restaurant Inspections Restaurant Inspections Find inspections for restaurants located in Lane County.

*Note to Mapping Application Users: Our New Mobile / Desktop Apps are intended to replace our Classic Apps. The new apps are intended to work on all devices with all browsers. If you continue to use our Classic Apps, please use Internet Explorer for your browser. Chrome and Edge browsers do not support the Classic Apps which require Silverlight.

Sheriff's Office Online Crime Mapping / CAD Log
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Sheriff's Office Online Crime Mapping / CAD Log

Use the public log to see what crimes have been reported to the Lane County Sheriff's Office. Users can filter information by event type and/or date. For helpful hints on using the CAD log, including a legend of commonly searched for event types and their corresponding category in the CAD log filter, please visit the Sheriff's Office web page.

New version coming soon! Until then, please access this app using Internet Explorer. Chrome no longer supports this Silverlight application. This Silverlight application may not work on some Apple/iOS devices.

Lane County Health Score

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Lane County Health Score Find out the state of health for areas in Lane County and explore factors that drive Lane County's health.

GIS Products

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GIS Products GIS products available for purchase including: Lane County Road Atlas, standard maps, standard data, custom maps and custom GIS products.

External Links

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RAPTOR Real Time Assessment and Planning Tool for Oregon. Preparedness, hazards, weather and event related data.
DOGAMI Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries. Prepare for natural hazards including tsunami and earthquake.
ODOT Oregon Department of Transportation. State construction projects, travel tips, and road conditions.
Oregon Geospatial State of Oregon Department of Administrative Services. Find, access and share State of Oregon geospatial data.