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Construction and Right of Way Services 

The Construction Management section collects survey information for the  Design Services section to prepare plans and specifications for road and bridge improvement projects. Construction Management administers contracts and assures adherence to plans and specifications by inspecting contractors' work and performing material quality control testing.

 Construction Management Objectives:

  • Provide field engineering/contract administration for all contract construction/resurfacing projects.
  • Prepare plans and specifications for small construction, rock production and overlay projects.
  • Perform engineering surveys for proposed projects as identified in the adopted Capital Improvement Program (CIP)  and internal County maintenance projects including fish culverts and embankment repairs.
  • Provide material laboratory testing services for various cities and other government agencies.
  • Complete right-of-way survey monumentation, remonumentation and file surveys.
  • Perform field surveys and support for road system Geographic Information System (GIS) documentation.

Right of Way Services
Acquiring Real Property for Public Improvement Projects - The County is authorized to acquire private property for public use.  Coupled with this duty goes the obligation to protect rights of individual property owners.  The County thus has a dual responsibility and obligation:

  • Protection of individuals rights are affected by acquisition of land, and
  • Provisions of competent and efficient service to the general public