Lane County Surveyors 

How can I find my property lines? Does this property have legal access? How wide is the road in front of my property?

Those are a sample of the types of questions that are fielded every day by the office section of the Lane County Surveyors office. Public assistance is only one aspect of our responsibility, but it is one of our most visible and important functions. The many people we help each day are as varied as the questions they ask. Our customers include members of the general public, professionals from the private sector, staff from various government agencies, including Lane County and other Divisions of Public Works.

The County Surveyors office is also responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the legal records for the entire county road system. The Master Road Files and related indexes are kept there, as well as an extensive system of research files, project files, survey field books and a wide variety of road related maps. This system is utilized daily by our staff to field the many questions of road status, location, width, etc., that come up relative to road construction, maintenance, and development activities.

Road right-of-way monumentation and mapping, as well as several legal processes affecting our road system are carried out within the Surveyors Program. CIP projects are finalized by the Surveyors office, who are responsible for final survey work, mapping, legal establishment proceedings and record keeping. Other legal processes affecting roads and carried out within the Surveyors are: establishments, alterations, surrenders, vacations, dedications, etc. Surveyors is also responsible for all road naming and renaming activities taking place within Lane County.

The County Surveyors office is legally obligated to carry out a number of State mandated functions which includes the filing and indexing of all land surveys performed within Lane County. The office receives and processes about 600 land surveys a year. These surveys, which in total number over 40,000, are microfilmed, indexed and entered into a digital database with the original maps kept as a part of the public record. We are currently working to scan these documents and have implemented an application to conveniently provide for their retrieval in a digital format. We have also taken on the task of scanning GLO survey records, government corner re-establishment records, vertical control, Assessors maps, subdivision plats, and road records, for an efficient and effective research and records retrieval system.

Our office is also heavily involved in property development activities through subdivision and land partition processes. An increase in development activity as well as processes added through legislative action have increased our workload significantly in recent years.