Lane County Surveyors Office Map Room by Location 


      Surveys "C Size" # 29133- 32802 
   Surveys "D Size" # 443- 35787
   Mixed Media Recorded/ Scanned Surveys
   Pick- Up Folders 


      Surveys "C Size" # 000- 29132 


   Lane County Subdivision Plats by
     Book & Page / File & Slide 
   Assessor's Maps by TRS 
   Lane County Subdivision Alphabetical
     Microfilm cards 
   Federal Aids by Index Number
   Bridge Plans by TRS
   Small & Large scale topographic maps
   Army Corps Engineers maps
   McKenzie River Floodplain study
   Bohemia Mining Claims
   O.S.H.D. Stockpile Sites & Gravel Pits


   Surveys "A Size"
   Affidavit of Correction
   Survey Narrative
   Volumes A, B, F, G, H, I, J, N, P, R, T, W, 25, 30
   Re- Estabs 8-1/2 x 14
   WEYCO Notes by TRS
   Soil Survey Photos & WAC-86OR
   GLO Corner Information
   GLO Corner Index
   BLM Survey Updates
   Notice of Incomplete Surveys
   City of Eugene Centerline Control
   Aerial Photo List


   Aerial Photos 
   US Army Corp of Engineers
     Horizontal & Vertical Control


   City of Eugene Location Notes 
   Rural Addressing Maps
   Geodetic Control Microfiche cards
   Vertical Control Microfiche cards
   BLM Microfiche
   BLM Microfilm
   Master Road Files
   Road Books
   Alpha Road Index
   GPS Stations


   Aerial Photos 1990
   Aerial Photos 2000
   Lane County Benchmarks
   Oregon High Precision Network

   Firm Maps- FEMA 
   Horizontal Control Points


   Aerial Photos 
   Horizontal Control Index
   Horizontal Control Points


   Subdivision Plats Book 2 - 69
   Horizontal Control Surveys
   Homestead Plats
   Donation Land Claims
   Willamette River


   Surveys "C Size" # 32803- 38333
   County Road Number Index
   Federal Aid Index
   Subdivision Plat Index
   Partition Plat Index


   Surveys "C Size" # 38334- Current
   Re-Estab Visual Index
   Atlas 2011
   Benchmark Visual Index
   Metskers Atlas




   Surveys "B Size" # 343- 27200 
   Planimetrics 2" = 1 mile


   Surveys "B Size" # 27201- Current 


   Subdivision Plats Book 71- Current 


   Surveys- No Tracings
   Miscellaneous Plats
   Final Partitions
   Historical Maps
   Scales, Road Book Keys, etc