Surveyor Staff 
The Surveyors Program, which includes a field section and an office section, is administered by the Lane County Surveyor.  The field section is comprised of a Professional / Technical staff supervised by Jay Blommé.  The office section  is comprised of a Technical / Professional staff of Peggy, Kala, and Phil with much appreciated office support provided by Lori. In total this crew has an extensive amount of experience with Lane County providing valuable public service.

Government Corners - Jay Blommé, PLS
Phone: 541-682-6997

Plat Processing - Peggy Wees
Phone: 541-682-3633


County Surveyor 
Phone: 541-682-4195


Field Supervisor - Jay Blommé, PLS
Phone: 541-682-6997 


County Surveyor - Jay Blommé, PLS
Phone: 541-682-6997