Lane Code 

To purchase a hard copy of the Lane Code, please contact the County Counsel's office at 541-682-4442.  The initial purchase price is currently $150 and the subscription price for annual updates is currently $85 per year.

This page links to the Lane Code.  We try to ensure that the Code is accurate and as up-to-date as practicable; however, the online version is provided for your convenience only and is not the official version.  Lane County is not responsible for errors in the online version.  For the official version of the Lane Code, or copies of enacted ordinances, please contact the Office of County Counsel, 125 E. 8 th, Eugene, OR 97401, telephone (541) 682-4442 or e-mail:

The Table of Contents below contains links to the listed chapters of the Lane Code.  Simply place the "hand" over the section number or name in the Table of Contents of the chapter and click your mouse once; the desired section will appear on your screen.  Due to the size of Chapters 10 and 16, once you make your selection in the main Table of Contents and click, you will be redirected to a table of contents for a smaller segment, where you will need to "re-select" the desired section.  If you know the section that you are looking for, select the "Links to Sections" option where you can simply click on the segment containing the desired section.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

Lane County Home Rule Charter

Lane Code General Table of Contents

Lane Code Chapter 1 - General

Lane Code Chapter 2 - Administration

Lane Code Chapter 3 - Licenses and Permits

Lane Code Chapter 4 - Taxes

Lane Code Chapter 5 - Administrative Enforcement

Lane Code Chapter 6 - Offenses

Lane Code Chapter 7 - Animal Control

Lane Code Chapter 8 - Cable/Communications

Lane Code Chapter 9 - Environment and Health

Lane Code Chapter 10 - Zoning - Table of Contents (only)

Lane Code Chapter 10 - Links to Sections

Lane Code Chapter 11 - Buildings

Lane Code Chapter 12 - Comprehensive Plan

Lane Code Chapter 13 - Land Divisions

Lane Code Chapter 14 - Application Review and Appeal Procedures

Lane Code Chapter 15 - Roads

Lane Code Chapter 16 - Land Use and Development Code - Table of Contents (only)

Lane Code Chapter 16 - Links to Sections

Lane Code Chapter 17 - Lane County Nuclear Free Zone

Lane Code Chapter 18 - Ambulance Service Area Plan