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Right-of-Way Services 




Acquiring Real Property for Public Improvement Projects - The County is authorized to acquire private property for public use. Coupled with this duty goes the obligation to protect rights of individual property owners. The County thus has a dual responsibility and obligation:

  • Protection of individual's rights that are affected by acquisition of land, and
  • Provision of competent and efficient service to the general public. It is the aim and desire of the county to obtain any necessary real property with fairness and equity. In the acquisition process, engineers prepare maps showing existing right of way and additional right of way needed from adjacent properties, and prepares legal descriptions and deeds for each property. They also compile and administer special assessment program levies. The Real Property Officers are then assigned to prepare estimates of Just Compensation for the additional right of way to be acquired from each property. Property owners are given at least 15 days notice of the planned appraisal inspection of their property. After the appraisals are completed, they are approved and assigned to Real Property Officers for negotiation. Written offers are presented to the affected property owners for negotiations, including copies of the appraisals. The owners then have 40 days to accept or reject the offer. If a negotiated settlement is reached, the transaction is completed. Otherwise, the County can file with the Circuit Court for an Order of Immediate Possession, and the case proceeds to arbitration or trial. After arbitration or trial, Just Compensation is paid to the owner, based on what was established by arbitration or trial.