Although there is plenty of land in Lane County (4,500 square miles of it), choices of use are limited by land type. Suitability of land for home construction is affected by soil quality, slope, irrigation, subsurface water, sewage disposal capability, and natural hazards. The prime land has always been in great demand in our county. There are about 250,000 people. Many of them are living on land occupied by the original farms, many of which have been divided into innumerable smaller parcels.

Our numbers have made living together as a community more complicated than in the past. The ability of individuals to control their own particular lifestyle has changed as choices favoring general community has become necessary. Unless early settlers went to town or paid a neighborly visit, they could go for some time without seeing evidence of their neighbor's existence. We are all aware, sometimes painfully aware, that this way of life is no longer available in Lane County.

Building codes, permits and inspections are some of the tools we have to help preserve the beauty and livability of our county. Zoning laws work toward promoting harmony between proposed and existing land uses. Building and sanitation codes set minimum construction standards to safeguard lives, health and property. While you may be committed to constructing a safe home, you may not be an expert in the fields of construction, plumbing and wiring. Inspections give you and future owners of your house the assurance that it has been constructed properly.

Your decision to build a house or place a manufactured dwelling is a very important step in your life. The process can be complex and worrisome since it involves many unfamiliar considerations and decisions. If you live outside most cities and the urban growth boundaries of Eugene and Springfield the Lane County Land Management Division is responsible for the administration of most of the development codes that apply to your property. We know that although you realize the necessity and importance of these codes, your chief concern is to accomplish your purpose as quickly and simply as possible. This section is intended to minimize the frustrations of the permit process and to emphasize important points to consider when purchasing land for a home site. The section is specifically directed to the individual home builder and manufactured dwelling purchaser. Those interested in commercial and industrial development should discuss their plans directly with the Lane County Planning and Building Programs.