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CHECK IN WITH 'KUMI' FOR URBAN PROJECTS is a partnership with ODOT, Lane County, local Cities & LTD to share major road project information within the metropolitan area of Central Lane County.
Weekly updates will be posted to this site each Friday by 2:00pm. 
Schedules are subject to change due to unpredictable weather, equipment maintenance, or materials availability. Delays can occur in areas controlled by flaggers for up to 20 minutes. Seek alternative routes of travel, whenever possible, to avoid project & maintenance areas.

UPDATE - Week of July 28th, 2014

For questions related to the following projects contact:
 Jim Steers, Field Engineering Supervisor, 541-682-6929



Road Name:  Various Roads in the north Springfield area

Construction Project Area:  North Springfield from Gateway St. to 10th St. and from Beltline Rd. to Q. St.

Description of Scheduled Construction:  Construction activity is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, July 29, 2014.  The Contractor will be applying slurry to the existing road surface.  The roads will be closed at approximately 8:30 AM for application of the slurry and will reopen by 5:30 PM.  Notifications will be distributed to all residents and businesses prior to conducting the road work.  Exercise care around the construction activity.


Road Name: Layng Road

Construction Project Area: Mosby Creek Covered Bridge

Description of Scheduled Construction: The Mosby Creek Covered Bridge is closed for the duration of the rehabilitation project.  The road is closed at milepost 0.20 from Mosby Creek Road.  The road will remain closed until September 15, 2014.  Traffic should use Row River Rd or Mosby Cr Rd. 


Road Name:  Westfir Roads

Construction Project Area:  All roads in Westfir

Description of Scheduled Construction:  Construction activity on the Westfir roads will include paving driveways, placement of shoulder rock, adjustment of manholes and placement of pavement legends. The road will remain open to traffic.  Traffic will be controlled with the use of Flaggers, as necessary.  Expect minimal delays.



Road Name:  Jasper-Lowell Road, MP 8.51

Construction Project Area:  Unity Covered Bridge

Description of Scheduled Construction:  A new roof is being installed on the Unity Covered Bridge.  There will be up to four (4) two-hour closures during the project, but generally the bridge will remain open to traffic, with traffic controlled by flaggers as necessary.  Expect minimal delays.

For questions related to the following projects contact:
 Jim Jeffers, Road Maintenance Supervisor, 541-682-6948

CHIPSEAL PROGRAM:  Chip seal will be applied depending on weather and materials availability.  Watch for flaggers.  Expect 15 minute delays or seek alternate routes at these locations:


Place Rd                     Mile Post 0.94 – Mile Post 4.49 (Old Pengra Rd - ECM)

Jasper-Lowell Rd      Mile Post 3.87 – Mile Post 6.12 (Pengra Rd – Little Fall Creek Rd)

Big Fall Creek Rd      Mile Post 0.00 – Mile Post 2.70 (Jasper-Lowell Rd – BLM Rd)



Mount Zion                 Mile Post 0.00 – Mile Post 0.65 (Entire Road)

Rattlesnake Rd          Mile Post 1.50 – Mile Post 4.47 (South of Kimball – Lost Cr Rd)

Hanna Rd                   Mile Post 0.00 – Mile Post 0.45 (Entire Road)

Kimball Rd                 Mile Post 0.00 – Mile Post 0.27 (Rattlesnake Rd - ECM)


Cloverdale Rd            Mile Post 11.28 – Mile Post 13.29 (Old Pengra Rd - ECM)

Wills Rd                      Mile Post 0.00 – Mile Post 0.64 (Entire Road)

Bear Creek Rd          Mile Post 0.00 – Mile Post 3.17 (Cloverdale - ECM)



Blue Mtn School Rd   Mile Post 0.00 – Mile Post 3.20 (Mosby Cr Rd - ECM)

Allen Rd                     Mile Post 0.00 – Mile Post 0.77 (Blue Mtn Sch Rd – End of pavement)

For questions related to the following projects contact:  Greg Boyle, Road Maintenance Bridge Supervisor, 541-682-6978


Construction Project Area:  Mile Post 8.05 on N. Fork Siuslaw Rd (west of Condon Cr Rd)

Description of Construction Impacts: Traffic will be controlled with the use of Flaggers while crews are working in the area.  Delays can occur in flagging areas for up to 20 minutes. A single lane bypass road will be available for use when construction crews are not on site.

Crackseal crews will be working on Lane County maintained roads surrounding Hayden Bridge Rd and Yolanda Ave between Rose Blossom Dr and 31st St. Expect minimal delays.