3050 N Delta Hwy Eugene, OR 97408
(541) 682-6900
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*9:00 - 4:00,
Monday - Friday,
CLOSED on Federal Holidays & November 28th.

*Manufactured Structure Hours:
MON 1-4
TUE 1-4
WED 9-12
& 1-4

Department Director

Marsha Miller
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Howard Schussler
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In 2012, the Department’s 340  full time, 363 extra help,and 39 seasonal employees:

  • Maintained 1,432 miles of roads and 413 bridges
  • Secured $5.3 million in grant funding
  • Disposed of 224,411 tons of solid waste at Short Mountain Landfill
  • Booked more than 18,500 nights camped
  • Brought in 750,000 event attendees
  • Brought in 1,000 event days at the fairgrounds
  • Issued 1,900 building permits
  • Issued 777 land-use permits
  • Provided usage of 385 light duty vehicles and 204 heavy equipment units
  • Public Works 

    Mission Statement - To maintain and enhance the livability and sustainability of Lane County's natural and built environments by providing safe and cost effective public infrastructure and related services.


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