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Dogs with Special Needs 

Please help LCAS in its mission of "Saving Adoptable & Treatable Animals"Click here to make a tax deductible donation.  You will receive an email confirmation for your tax records.

LCAS must call on the community to help place some of our special needs dogs. The dogs on this page have a variety of challenges.  Some have behavior issues and some have medical issue--some have been here a long time, and others have arrived more recently, but have clear challenges that need to be addressed right away before they deteriorate further.

In every case, the dog needs to be in an environment other than the shelter in order to get better. These dogs may be very active, easily aroused to the point where they show unsafe behaviors, or have other serious behavioral issues. Some of these dog will--or already have--responded to training. The current resources at LCAS do not allow us to continue this training indefinitely at the shelter. Indeed, adopting any of these dogs will entail experienced dog owners who are willing to invest plenty of time into training and managing their new family member.  Click here to make a donation!!!   

Cadillac needs some luxury training!Cadillac!

He is learning some good puppy manners in foster care, call for more info about meeting him.

Cadillac ingested RAT POISON before arriving here at LCAS.  It took so much emergency care to keep him alive.  He survived, and is continuing on his supplements to reverse the damage.  The thing is, this boy has never been to doggy school, and his limited manners and obedience training are turning off any potential adopters.  So, we need a foster home with training skills to take on a little "puppy boot camp" project for about 30 days.  Can you help Cadillac go from clunker to luxury pup?  We need your help NOW!!

 Mister needs a fence-free home! Mister

Mister is still here, after more than 6 long months.  While he is definitely a staff favorite, his adoption potential is limited due to his incredible fence jumping skills.  He has attacked and seriously injured one large male dog, (after scaling a fence), while he has done well with 2 meek, midsized females.  Because of the potential for seriously harming another dog is there if he escapes, he needs a home that is absolutely committed to not using a fence as containment.

Mister loves to play fetch, and is super cute and enthusiastic when playing with toys.  He is just BONKERS for fetching, and this cutie pie appears to be housetrained already.




Chester is a young, energetic Pit Bull type urgently seeking a foster placement.  He has been at LCAS for a long time.  He cannot live in the actual kennels, because he becomes so frantically stressed that he injures himself.  He now lives in a stall in our barn, with an attached yard.  He gets very limited attention way out in the back 40, and this makes us so sad because Chester loves human attention more than anything.  Chester has had a few dog friends that have shared his yard with him, but he does not get along with every new dog he meets.  He has a very wild, pouncy play style that makes some dogs mad.  If the other dog ALSO plays hard and fast, he usually becomes friends very quickly.  Chester has been introduced to cats.  It only went so-so.  He was very wound up and while he was not overtly aggressive, he barked and became more and more excited.  (We are recommending that he be placed in a home where he can be kept separate from any cats until he can have further training.)
Chester responds very well to training, and actually has learned all of his basic obedience here at LCAS. He tends to get so excited that he forgets everything he knows, but is easy to redirect into minding his manners again. 
Volunteers have taken hime on bike rides (he runs alongside a bicycle very well now).  This could be an ideal way to get him the ample exersize he needs daily.  They have also taken him on hikes up Mt Pisgah.  He makes getting to the top at record speed a breeze!
Chester is looking for a home where he can gain a little more training and where he can really shine.  Call our foster coordinator Elizabeth at 541-729-9890 if you can help.

 Barnabus #1203-1264

Barnabus is the kind of dog that has a really hard time getting adopted from a shelter.  We don't know his story, but he may have been a transient person's dog.  He is suspicious of new people and new things, and has growled at new people.  Once he knows you he is very devoted, but his fear of new people makes him an adoption candidate for experienced dog owners only.  He appears to be totally housetrained, and LOVES going for walks!  He has not done playgroups with other dogs, but has made friendly overtures.  We will be doing further dog introductions and see what he thinks of cats soon.  Please call ASAP if you could give this guy the chance to mellow out in a foster home for 3-4 weeks for an at-home evaluation of his fear.   

 Atari #1202-1183

Atari is a handsome Rottie Mix.  We were able to piece together a bit of his history, and he is likely a Rott/Pit Bull mix.  He definitely has the Rottie personality.  He is a strong puller on leash, and does best in a no-pull harness.  He actually did better than expected during a cat introduction, but we recommend a slow transition to living loose with small animals like cats.  He is not good with other dogs, although he may make friends with a neutral female in his future home.  We know that he got into one dog fight at LCAS and caused some serious bite wounds to the other dog.  We also know (now) that in his former home he got in a serious dog fight with a female sibling.  In the course of trying to stop the fight, his former owners were bit by Atari pretty badly.  So, it is really important that Atari's future owners really understand the challenge of owning a dog-aggressive pet, and keep him safe from trouble.
Atari is well mannered, and appears to be housetrained.


Bubbles is a stunning American Staffordshire Terrier, in the sought-after blue color.  He is 3-4 years old, and a large dog with a sunstantial build.  Bubbles has been friendly on walks with some female (never male) dogs, but cats are NOT a possibility.  He has shown aggression towards some male dogs, so he needs a home that understands the importance of good management for the rest of his life.  He appears to be totally housetrained, and will "hold it" as long as he needs to.  He is a quiet and subdued dog, and does not show well to potential adopters.  He is aloof and is not the kind of dog that is constantly seeking your approval, so it is very hard for him to make a good impression.  Because he is so reserved and seems to need thoughtful and experienced handling, we are not placing him in a home with smaller children.
Bubbles is still a bit of an enigma here, and we'd like to learn more about how he bhaves in a real home.  Bubbles is seeking a long term foster capable of evaluation and training, or even just a "weekend sleepover" where he can spend a few days in a home environment.
Bubbles may have a partial tear in the ligament in a rear leg, as he has a persistent limp.  Fortunately he is a mellow dog with low activity needs, so this does not have a significant effect on his behavior.


Houston is an older Pit Bull type, estimated at about 7 years old.  He gets along with smaller, mellow female dogs.  He has never had a buddy that is male.  He is not good with cats.  He is housetrained and a good boy.  For an older gentleman, he sure has ample spunk and sass when it comes to playing!  His play style can get pretty rough, so he needs a home that will understand when to "cool off" the games.  Because of this he will not be placed in a home with children.  Houston loves to play, and is an expert ball-fetcher!