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Pet Licensing - General Information 

A license is a pet's phone call home!

New! The Lane County Board of Commissioners approved the proposed license fee increases to be effective March 1, 2015.  At the bottom of this page you will find the link for License Fees.

A pet displaying a license may never have to end up at the shelter if they are found wondering around.  Most pets are picked up just a short distance from their home. Since they are not able to tell the finder that they live just around the block they are brought into the shelter in hopes that their owners will come looking for them. 

If an Animal Welfare Officer finds a dog running at large and the dog is displaying a valid license, they will attempt to return the dog to it's owner prior to taking it to the shelter.

It is the law...
That every dog must obtain a license when one of two things occurs: either the dog reaches the age of six months, or it obtains its permanent canine teeth, whichever comes first.  Failure to provide and keep the license current may result in a late fee and/or fine.  The link to the Lane Code (Animal Services) can be found at the bottom of this page.

How Do I Get a License?
In order to obtain a license, a dog owner must present documentation showing that the dog has a current rabies shot unless specifically exempted for medical reasons, in writing, by a licensed veterinarian.  Proof of spay or neuter must be presented if applicable.  The dog does not need to be present for you to purchase a license.

If you live in Lane County outside of the city limits you will need to purchase your license through Lane County Animal Services or a participating license vendor.  If you live within the city limits of any city in Lane County, please contact your city hall for information on how to obtain a license. The link for contact information can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Most Lane County dog licenses can be purchased or renewed in person, online, through the mail, over the phone, or at a participating license vendor.  For phone-in licenses, LCAS must already have your current rabies vaccination records on file.

The following types of licenses must be purchased in person at Lane County Animal Services:

  • Dangerous Dog - Court Order Classification
  • Guard Dog
  • Kennel
  • Pro-Bone-O
    • New  
  • Service Dog
    • New
    • Renewals if we don't have your affadavit on file

License Vendors

Please note that our vendors only sell licenses in person and do not sell the following types of dog licenses:

  • Dangerous Dog - Court Order Classification
  • Guard Dog
  • Kennel
  • Pro-Bone-O
  • Service Dog

See bottom of this page for a link to a list of participating dog license vendors.

To purchase your dog license online, click here

License Credit for Unaltered Dogs

If your dog has reached licensing age and you're waiting to get a license until after the dog is spayed or neutered, you are still considered non-compliant with the licensing laws. To help resolve this issue LCAS offers licensing credit.  This is how it works:

  • Submit your application and payment for licensing for a one year unaltered license.
  • Include the name of the clinic and spay/neuter appointment date.
  • We will make a note on your license record.
  • Show us proof that you kept your appt. (such as a receipt from the Vet clinic).
  • Proof must be submitted to LCAS no more than 90 days from the license purchase date.
  • We will add an additional 2 yr. credit to your license record (no extra charge).
  • Your license term will then be equal to a 3 yr. term for a spay/neuter dog.

 Top Ten Reasons to License Your Dog

  1. A license tells everyone that your pet is not a homeless stray and that the owner cares enough to register the pet legally.
  2. It means you will receive a call and/or be sent a written notice if your lost pet is impounded at the shelter.
  3. It means that if a private citizen finds your dog and contacts us, we will call you to provide the finder's phone number so that you can get your pet back home.
  4. It enables Lane County Animal Services to protect your neighborhood from dangerous dogs and investigate dog bites.
  5. Licensing helps fund the low cost spay & neuter program.
  6. It supports investigations of cruelty, neglect and abandonment of domestic animals and livestock.
  7. A license allows the officer that finds your stray dog to take it right home, saving you time and money.
  8. The silver tag is easily recognized.
  9. Licensing supports youth programs covering humane ethics and safety with animals.
  10. Licensing helps to pay for emergency services.  If a stray animal is seriously injured, sick, or aggressive, we can respond to assist.

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Remember to Love, License and Spay/Neuter Your Pet!