MP Chapter and Appendices Drafts 

Lane County Parks & Open Space Master Plan Update



This page of the Master Plan provides links to all Chapter and Appendix first drafts. Please take a moment to look them over.


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Helfrich Landing on the McKenzie River

Chapter Drafts

        Lane County Profile
         County-Wide Public Recreational Resources
         Lane County Parks in Context
         Lane County Park Facilities and Services  UPDATED August 10, 2007
          Community Partnerships   NEW August 10, 2007
   Review of SCORP 2003-2007
          Public Participation Process
Appendix Drafts
Inventory Spreadsheets --  
Alphabetical     UPDATED August 10, 2007
Service Class    UPDATED August 10, 2007
Watershed     UPDATED August 10, 2007 
       Pre-Draft Public Comments --
Public Outreach Summary Table
                    Meeting Comments
        Typographical corrections made on August 10, 2007 
                   Short & Simple Survey Comments
                   Staff Retreat October 2004
                    Questionnaire Comments --        
                               Caretakers, Hosts, and Concessionaires



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