Vegetation Videos and Tutorials 
The Vegetation Management Program at Lane County is working to help our customers better understand our roadside vegetation management program.  What better way to do that than show videos of our work and the equipment we operate.  We have also included some video tutorials to assist the public in getting some of their vegetation management questions answered.

Most of the Videos on this page are linked to YouTube.  You can visit the main page at

Vegetation Management Videos

Roadside Brush Mowing - John Deere Tractor
Roadside Brush Mowing - New Holland TV-145 Tractor
Roadside Grass Mowing - John Deere Tractor

Tree Work Videos

Vegetation Equipment Videos

Lane County Grass Tractors
Lane County John Deere Brush Tractor
Lane County New Holland TV-145 Brush Tractor
Lane County Tree Truck
Tiger Prowler Mower Demo

Video Tutorials

Hazard Tree Identification - Co-Dominant Trunks with bark inclusion
Hazard Tree Identification - Root Girdling
Hazard Tree Identification -