Capital Improvement Program (CIP) 
What is the CIP?
The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a five-year financial plan for capital improvements to Lane County's transportation network. Projects included in the CIP are designed to improve the safety, utility, and efficiency of the existing road network, accommodate future growth in traffic volumes, reduce maintenance costs, conserve fuel, accommodate alternative transportation modes, and promote economic development.

The five-year CIP is updated annually by the Board of County Commissioners (Board). Allocations for projects or payments programmed in the CIP are not guaranteed expenditures but are used as a planning tool for Lane County's Road Fund budget. An allocation for a project or payment may be eliminated or changed due to the fact that the financial plan may be revised or there may be changes in priority. The updated CIP is published annually for public reference.

Latest News
5/05/2014 - Board of County Commissioners Approve 2015-2019 CIP

On April 29, 2014, the Board held a public hearing on the Draft 2015-2019 CIP.  Upon deliberating after the public hearing, the Board unanimously approved the draft CIP.  To view the approved 2015-2019 CIP, click here.

CIP Documents
Year  Adopted CIP 
2015-2019  PDF 
2014-2018  PDF 
2013-2017  PDF
2012-2016  PDF 
2011-2015  PDF 
2010-2014  PDF 
2009-2013  PDF 
2008-2012  PDF 
2007-2011  PDF 

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