Year Round Collection Sites—Paint, Electronics, and Fluorescent Lamps

Paint, Electronics, and Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (and tubes up to 4 feet) are accepted year-round at various locations in Lane County through on-going collection programs. Check out the websites below to find a location near you, or call 541-682-4120 for more information.


Oregon E-Cycles
1-888-5-ECYCLE (532-9253)

CFL Collection SitesList of Participating Lighting and Hardware Stores

Household Hazardous Waste Rural Collections 

When disposed of improperly, some everyday items harm the quality of drinking water and cause other environmental damage. Keep your water supply safe and healthful—take a moment to gather your household hazardous waste and put it in its place.

2016 Fall Roundups:  
Click here for a 1 page document to print or post and share with friends and neighbors

FRIDAY, September 30th •  12pm - 5pm
SATURDAY, October 1, 8am, 2pm
at the FLORENCE TRANSFER SITE, 2820 N. Rhododendron Drive, Florence, OR.,
Sponsored by Lane County and the City of Florence. Call 541-997-8237 for more information.
Call Lane County Waste Management at 541-682-4120 for more information.

SATURDAY, October 22nd • 9 -2pm
at the Leaburg Fire Station 42870 McKenzie Highway
Sponsored by Lane County, EWEB, McKenzie River Watershed Council and McKenzie River Fire & Rescue. Call Lane County Waste Management at 541-682-4120 for more information.

If you can't make it to a rural roundup, just call 541-682-4120 to make an appointment at the houshold hazardous waste facility in Eugene, at the Glenwood Receiving Station.
Household Hazardous Waste appointments are available year round, FREE for households. 

We Can Accept:
• Paint
• Household cleaners
• Lawn and garden chemicals
• Car care products
• Arts and crafts products
• Other household hazardous waste

Limit is 35 gallons of waste in total from each household. Check labels for words like flammable, corrosive, poison, caution, and danger. For your safety it is always best to carry these items in a separate compartment (like the trunk of your car) with secured lids to eliminate spills in transport.

We Can't Accept:
• Empty containers
• Drums
• Radioactive waste
• Asbestos
• Explosives or electronics

For information about disposal of radioactive waste, asbestos, and explosives, call Lane County Waste Management Division at 541-682-3828. Up to seven (7) Covered Electronic Devices, CEDs, can be recycled for free at any one time at these 5 Lane County Transfer Stations: Glenwood, Cottage Grove, Florence, Veneta, and Vida during normal operating hours. Also, Lane County accepts sharps, oil, antifreeze and batteries of all types year-round at all refuse disposal sites.

NOTE: residential waste only—no commercial waste will be accepted.