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Lane County Waste Management Division

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The Disposal Sites page provides hours and locations of all 16 Lane County transfer sites.

Waste Management Manager

Dan Hurley 

Waste Management 

We are proud to provide Lane County residents with 16 disposal sites that offer full recycling options as well as garbage disposal. We further serve the community with educational resources that emphasize waste prevention and reuse.   
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Fees and Rates for Disposal
Disposal Site Hours and Information
Recycling Information
Special & Hazardous Waste
Report Illegal Dumping
What to Do with Chemicals and Toxic Waste 
Learn About the Short Mountain Landfill
Electronics Recycling 
Repair2ReUse – Use this repair guide to waste less and support the local economy 
Alternative Reuse – What to do when donation centers don't want it
Yes/No Photographic Guide – What materials are recyclable at transfer stations
Customer Newsletter

These items are not allowed in the garbage by state law:

Televisions Computers Monitors Laptops
Auto Batteries Appliances Motor Oil Tires


We have recycling options at all our transfer stations for auto batteries, appliances, motor oil, and tire as well as free electronics recycling at six of our sties. Click here for a list of Lane County's free electronics recycling locations.