Residential Disposal Fees 

Waste Management Division
Lane County Department of Public Works

Lane County transfer stations other than the Glenwood and Florence sites use a volume-based fee for all loads. 
There is a 10 yard maximum allowed per customer, per day, at rural sites.

At Glenwood and Florence, residential loads may be directed to the scales when 1) accurate volume cannot be assessed or  2) when a load is in the following types of vehicles: side-paneled vans (example: U-Haul), compactors, drop boxes, compacted drop boxes, automatic dump beds, mini-collection vehicles, and flat bed trucks,   3) commercial quantities or commercial materials are being disposed.

Effective September 12, 1999, garbage fees reflect not only the cost of landfill operations but the cost of operating the total system of waste management services including all rural and urban disposal sites, full recycling options, safe options for hazardous waste disposal, nusance abatement services, and more. This system benefit fee is included in all garbage rates and is more fully discussed on the system benefit page.

Below we list residential fees at transfer stations. Disposal rates for non-residential and scale loads here.

We accept debit and credit cards at all sites EXCEPT London, Sharps Creek, Walton, Low Pass and Swisshome.

Addresses, hours and recycling information for all Lane County Waste Disposal Sites are listed here by clicking on the location you wish to see. 

Up to 1 cubic yard/202 gallons (Minimum charge)  $12.00
Over 1 cubic yard to 3 cubic yards $20.00
Over 3 cubic yards $10.00 per additional cy

DISCOUNTS (discounts can be donated back to benefit Food for Lane County)
Senior Discount per load (60+ years) $1.00
Recycling Discount per load $1.00

BUSINESS/COMMERCIAL WASTE    (Available at Glenwood, Florence and Short Mountain.)
Business/commercially marked vehicles must use scales if more than 1 cubic yard or in vehicles where the load cannot be adequately measured.

$76.77 per ton 

Construction and demolition (C&D) debris is waste generated from remodels, construction or home improvement projects. Wood, siding, tile, tar paper and sheet rock are examples of waste considered as C&D. Heavier materials such as concrete, shingles, and land clearing debris will be charged at the higher rate. Other (possibly cheaper) options for C&D disposal are: EcoSort, McKenzie Recycling and Delta Sand and Gravel C&D Landfill.
Construction and Demolition $15.00/cy (minimum charges for less than 1cy is $12.00)
Rubble, Roofing, Stumps, Rock, Dirt $39.50/cy
(1/2 cy minimum $19.75)
Per Ton Fee $76.77/ton

Yard Debris & Wood collected only at Cottage Grove, Glenwood and Florence sites.
Acceptable wood/yard debris must be 50% of load and customer must separate wood into wood box to qualify for discount. Up to 3 cubic yards $15.50
Over 3 cubic yards

$8.00 per additional cy over 3 cy

Per ton fee


Appliances containing refrigerants (either with or without motors or compressors) will be charged the appliance fee. No exceptions.
Disposal of Appliances as garbage is against the law in Oregon. If a customer places an appliance in the waste trailer or drop box, the fee for the appliance will be doubled plus any handling fees to retrieve the appliance. The appliance will NOT be returned to the customer.
Appliances containing refrigerants
(refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, heat pumps)
Other appliances
(washers, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, water heaters)
No Charge
(recycle in metals box)

Up to 4 mattresses (all sites)

 see above household garbage rates

5 or more mattresses (ONLY accepted at Glenwood)


If a customer places a tire in the disposal pit, the normal fee for the tire will be doubled plus any handling fees to retrieve the tire from the garbage. Recovered tires will NOT be returned to the customer.
Less than 17 inch rim diameter            TIRE ONLY  $3.00 each
Less than 17 inch rim diameter            TIRE WITH RIM  $4.00 each
17 inch diameter to 24 inch diameter  TIRE ONLY  $10.00 each
17 inch diameter to 24 inch diameter  TIRE WITH RIM  $20.25 each

Tanks larger than 5 gallons are not accepted at Lane County sites. 
Accepted at all sites EXCEPT Sharps Creek.
Small disposable 16 oz canisters recycle at no cost
Up to 5 gallon (20lb) capacity $4.50 each