System Benefit Fee 

System Benefit Fee

Waste Management Division
Lane County Department of Public Works

What is the system benefit fee?

Lane County's Waste Management Division provides award winning services and programs that benefit all Lane County residents and businesses by providing safe and sanitary solid waste disposal system for county communities. The system benefit fee, or SBF, is a means of making sure that all Lane County residents and businesses pay their fair share of the costs of those services and programs simply by paying regular garbage rates. This ensures that Lane County is compliance with all rules and regulations, and all residents and businesses have access to recycling and hazardous waste services, community educational services, school resources such as Oregon Green School grants  and direct services,  the Master Recycler program offering adult community education, event recycling supplies, and more -- all this in addition to an extensive network of convenient local transfer stations and a nuisance abatement illegal dumping cleanup program. These public services are available to the community at no direct cost to the user because they are funded through disposal fees collected at transfer stations and the landfill.

This system of collecting fees to fund solid waste programs has worked well for years, but when commercial garbage haulers begin to haul their customers' trash to landfills that aren't operated by Lane County, revenues decrease -- but the costs of operating these programs that serve those citizens and customers stay the same. The SBF is a way to ensure that both garbage operation costs and the community education and service programs are funded through garbage rates. 

How does it work?

Lane County's basic tipping fee for trash is currently $75.55 per ton. The tipping fee is comprised of three subfees: the disposal fee, the system benefit fee (SBF) and a third fee for related services.

The disposal fee is used solely to fund landfill operations, including capital improvements, leachate treatment, closure and post-closure care and prudent reserves, as well as the day-to-day costs of operating the landfill. This subfee is $39.90 per ton.

The second subfee is the SBF of $30.15 per ton. Revenues collected through the SBF are used to support the waste reduction/recycling and special waste programs, cleanup of illegal dumpsites on Lane County property and road right-of-way and, as well as lane County's network of 16 transfer sites. 

The third subfee, which amounts to $5.50 per ton, helps support Lane County's long-range land use planning activities.

By Lane County ordinance, (Lane Code 9.040) haulers who transport trash generated in Lane County must pay Lane County's system benefit fees for that waste, regardless of where the trash is hauled for disposal. 
        If hauled to a Lane County facility, the SBF is automatically paid through the garbage rate; 
        If hauled outside the county, the ordinance requires separate payment of the SBF fee be remitted to Lane County Waste Management Division.