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Here are some examples that inspired us to conduct this contest: 
Have you got a song to sing? SING OUT!! 

A childs voice engages the listener with a unique emotional attention.

cute ad

Use art of sound and voice to capture attention

Have you got a dance in your heart?
Get UP and take action!!

Have you got a word ready to be said?
SPEAK up, speak truth!

Make a statement!

Join a team!

Jerry and Amanda

The above ads, videos and links are simply intended to get the creative juices flowing and give an idea of how words, sounds and visuals can make a message memorable, compelling and effective.  We look forward to seeing what the creativity and convictions of our own community will come up with.

LC Waste Management Division is contributing toward this project as part of our overall compliance with state solid waste rules regarding  public education and promotion of recycling and waste prevention.  Funds come from the division’s enterprise fund for solid waste related efforts.   Project partners and committee selected  winners of this contest.

The Waste Management Division is solely funded by user fees and  is not a part of the county general fund or county road fund.

Earth Day Message Contest 2012 

Partnering with KRVM, Eugene Weekly  and CTV 29,  we sponsored: 


AudioVideo, and Print messages were submitted by area youth (K-12),   with the goal of inspiring community action and personal commitments in recycling, waste prevention, energy conservation, and/or other habits for our sustainable future.  

The selection committee, made up of members from the Pollution Prevention Coalition of local public agency environmental services, were simply delighted and impressed by the submissions. 

Click here to see All Video and Audio entries.  ( We were unable to post one entry because portions of the entry had copyright issues, and another that was not submitted in usable format.)

Click here to see All Print entries   (one entry in this category was unavailable to post because it was not submitted in usable format)

Thank you to all who participated! 

Runner ups and winners attended the Earth Day Celebration at the EWEB fountain Plaza on  April 21st to receive recognition. 

The goal and intent of this contest is for school-age children to be involved in the creative process and learn that their voices are valuable!


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