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Web Resources
     Click here to learn about Lane County's 2009 Waste Composition study.
Learn more about green building.
     Read an introduction to life-cycle analysis.
    A closer look at things we buy
      The Story of Stuff

Resources Available for Checkout
(Contact Kelly Bell at 541-682-2059.)

The Digital Dump: Exporting Re-use and Abuse to Africa; Basel Action Network, 23 minutes

EcoCycle: Zero Waste Systems, 7 minutes

French Fries to Go: Directed by Howard J. Donner, 2002, 13 minutes

Garbage Moguls: Tetracycle, 45 minutes

Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage, 2005, 19 minutes

Keep Glass out of the News: 10 minutes
and The Paper Trail: A Recycling Overview, 7 minutes, Weyerhaeuser 2004

Saving Little Pieces of the Earth: Your Curbside Recycling Journey,13 minutes

The Story of Stuff: with Annie Leonard, Free Range Studios, 20 minutes

Working for You: Waste Management Division, 19 minutes, 2009

Teachers' Curriculum
These are useful for all sorts of environments, not just the classroom and not just for kids.

Nike's Air to Earth (2002) Teacher's guide with teaching materials provided. Concepts include: life cycle of a product, sustainability, "The power of one", including a 5-minute video of the same title that reinforces the impact one person ca have to make the world a better place.

Eco-Cycle (Boulder, Colorado) has produced a wonderful kit of basic recycling information for elementary aged children, including activities, slides, and props to demonstrate concepts in class. Stow neatly in a plastic tote for easy trasport. One week checkout.

Hands On Plastics: A Scientific Investigation Kit, identifies types of plastics. American Plastics Council, 2004.

Northwest Earth Institute Discussion Course Series Workbooks
  • Choices for Sustainable Living, 2003 and 2009
  • Voluntary Simplicity, a nine-week discussion course book, 2003 and 2008
  • Sustainable Systems at Work, 2009
  • Healthy Children—Healthy Planet, 2006
  • Menu for the Future, 2009
  • Discussion Course Organizer's Guide, 2010

Supplies, Stickers

Are you setting up a recycling center? Here are some stickers we have available:

Recycling stickers available in English:
 Recycling stickers available in Spanish: