Why Recycle?

Recycling conserves natural resources and saves energy! Every ton of recycled paper, cans or plastic saves trees, habitat, electricity and water resulting in less air and water pollution than manufacturing from natural resources.

Recyclables are sorted, baled and sent to recycling mills, where they are made into new products:

  • Plastic bottles become new fleece clothing and carpeting among other things

  • Cardboard becomes new cardboard

  • Tin cans become new rebar for construction projects

  • Newspaper becomes fruit packaging trays and new paper
  • Glass becomes new glass bottles and jars
  • Aluminum cans become new aluminum cans


Click here to watch a 13 min. video describing how things get recycled.

Please also view our Info Page about Commingled Recycling to see why it is SO important to end wishful recycling ( aka When in doubt, Leave It Out!)


Multifamily Recycling in Lane County 

This page is a work in progress as we investigate what services are needed to increase multifamily recycling. Please contact the Waste Reduction Specialist at sarah.grimm@co.lane.or.us or call 541-682-4339 for any questions or suggestions.

Nearly 25.7% of the county's residential addresses are from properties with five or more units with single billing and collection locations such as:

  • Apartments

  • Retirement & Senior Housing

  • RV & Mobile Home Parks (unless individual pick up and billing)

  • Condominiums

  • Townhomes

Multifamily Recycling 
Recycling at appartments and mobile home parks is less prevalent than regular residential curbside recycling because of the unique challenges related to facilities and education. 

Lane County Waste Management Division is researching and developing resources and strategies specific to the challenges unique to this type of facility.

Cities and communities throughout Lane County all have various services and codes related to multifamily recycling. Five of the seven largest cities; Eugene, Springfield, Florence, Creswell and Veneta, do provide the opportunity to recycle to multi-family residences by requiring that licensed or franchised garbage company(s) provide the services when requested. The property owner or manager must desire the service and request it from the hauler. Use this List of Lane County Haulers to arrange for service.

Multifamily Recycling works best when cities employ landlord tenant laws requiring the owners and managers of rental property to provide their tenants with recycling services along with garbage. 

City of Springfield's
Municipal Code 7.346,

Florence's Solid Waste Code ( 9-4-6-1: Public Responisibility, P.) 

Outside of these two cities, no local codes or ordinances require that rental property owner provide recycling for tennants (despite city programs to offer it).  But Haulers are often happy to provide servide,  contact your local hauler from this List of Haulers to see what services they can provide your multifamily facility. And check out our resources page below for signs and tips.

Renters and those wishing for recycling at their multifamily facility can refer to The State of Oregon Residential Landlord and Tenant Act 90.318 which requires landlords to provide services. Unfortunately, enforcement of this requirement isonly available through civil lawsuit to the State Attorney General's office.

How Do I Start Multifamily Recycling?

  1. Contact your hauler to arrange for containers, signage and instructions.
  2. Educate tenants! Clear and accurate signs and instructions are essential. 
  3. Distrubute flyers or newsletter to tenants describing correct preparation.

Lane County Waste Management is available to offer assistance with on-site recycling programs.

Landlords and Residents
We are eager to hear from you about resources you may need. Contact us at 541-682-4339 or sarah.grimm@co.lane.or.us

The goal of Multifamily Recycling is to make recycling easy for both managers and community residents. 

Watch this space (below) for  resources such as free signs, iinstructional materials and more.