Special Announcement -- Seeking public input on solid waste priorities - please fill out this easy on-line survey  by Sept. 16th!

The Lane County Public Works Waste Management Division diverts waste from
Short Mountain Landfill by offering a wide variety of services:

Waste prevention information and access to
    Recycling at all disposal sites, plus a discount for those who recycle! 
16 Disposal Sites for Garbage and Recycling, hours and locations
    Safe disposal of chemicals
    Education programs for schools and groups

 Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) recycling, convenient to all
Electronic waste recycling, free at 5 of our transfer stations 
Master Recycler Training Program 2 to 3 times each year
Alternative reuse ideas – what to do when thrift stores don't want it

Remember! Recycling Information is available 24/7 to those without online access,
in the DEX phone book. Just look for the
Brown Pages, up front behind the maps.

 Here's an online certificate class created by the state's waste and recycling experts.  It is noncredit, self-paced, and low cost. This comprehensive, in-depth look at waste and recycling in Oregon is designed to give citizens a broad understanding of what is recyclable and why; to give businesses and local governments a training option for sustainability goals; and give career seekers an introduction to this growing industry.

recycling-101 is a self-paced on-line course that gives an in-depth look at waste and recycling in Oregon.
It features great video lessons-- like composting at the Grassroots Garden!  

 Have a look at our latest additions:


Multifamily Recycling 
Learn about who does what for apartment recycling in Lane County 

Discounts on Compost Bins!
Local resources and information about composting at home 

Alternative Reuse 
What to do when donation centers don't want it