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E-Cycles Law

This Oregon Law, created in 2007 requires manufacturers to fund free recycling of those electronics that can damage human health and the environment when disposed in landfills.    

Click here for more information  on the State E-Cycles Law, as well as other free recycling options in Lane County.
Electronics Recycling Program 

It's the Law!

It is against state law to dispose of TVs, computers, monitors, and laptops in the garbage.             

Recycling options exist!
Lane County participates in the statewide collection program E-Cycles, offering free recycling at six Lane County transfer sites.

You may take up to 7 e-waste items to the following tranfer sites:


Cottage Grove





Lane County Waste Management's collection program offers free recycling of office electronics such as printers, phones, and fax machines. Free recycling is also offered for entertainment electronics such as VCRs, DVD players, video game units, and stereo components. Non-computer extension items such as speakers, covers, and packaging are not collected in this program. 

This free program is for whole units only. Broken TVs must be contained in a box or bag to protect worker safety. Note: If parts are missing from any electronics, garbage fees will apply.

If you have more than seven items in one trip, have floor-standing copiers, other business-use electronic equipment, items weighing more than 50 lbs, or dismantled items, you must take these items to one of these local processors:

  Garten Services: (541) 868-1550,
  Nextstep Recycling: (541) 686-2366,
  Goodwill Industries: (541) 345-1801

Lane County places a priority on reuse. Miscellaneous electronics are sent to NextStep Recycling, where they are reviewed for reuse before they are dismantled and recycled. Hundreds of pounds of electronics are returned to the community through this process, which creates jobs and increases low-cost access to electronics within our community.