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Over 24 schools in Lane County  are certified in the Oregon Green School Program.

These Schools receive assistance and recognition, PLUS free attendance to a statewide conference for teachers and students.



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Waste Audits and Trash Tracking are a great way to involve students in ACTIVE LEARNING in math and science! 

Use these forms and resources to get you started:
1. Calculating Spreadsheet has student activity page, instruction and then it makes pie charts and graphs with your results.

2. Trash tracking forms.

3. Here's the Waste Audit how-to slides and  the Waste audit form and instructions used in Marion County


K-12 Oregon Green Schools Incentive Grant 



Lane County Waste Management and the City of Eugene have teamed up to offer ten $500 grants each year to schools that become Oregon Green Schools or move up to Merit or Premier level. 

These grant funds are provided to cover expenses related to the waste reduction or resource efficiency efforts of the school. Funds will be disbursed at a school-wide assembly or a board or PTO meeting when the school has achieved certification. 

Check out the Oregon Green School Website to see who else in Lane County has been certified, and learn all about how to become an Oregon Green School. Click the 'how to join' tab for application forms. Or click here for detailed tips and instructions for application process. To be eligible for the grant, schools must fill out the OGS application using consistent metrics (i.e., report weight volume, not both). And use the Trash Tracking Waste Audit activity worksheets provided to the left.

HelpingSchools to Go Green! 

We provide hands-on technical assistance to schools through

Partners for Sustainable Schools. They are available to visit and assist, inspire and guide your school through the certification process.

Partners for Sustainable Schools (PSS)
website: partnersfor
phone:  541-636-0096

For more information about this grant program, contact:

 Sarah Grimm,  682-4339, or