Holiday Waste Prevention 

      Click here for Lane County  Brochure "Tips for Reducing Waste During the Holidays" 

Copies are available at  Lane County Public Works, Waste Management Division,  3100 E. 17th Avenue, Glenwood


Love to Shop?
Choose Re-Used!
Gently used items make wonderful zero-waste gifts that help to reduce energy use, resource extraction and pollution.  If you are hesitant to give used gifts for fear of being considered  “cheap,” here are some ideas: 

  • Include a message explaining why you value the practice of reuse so highly
  • Select gifts with care.
  • Personalize your gift with an appliqué, initials, sports team logo, or adding craft items to a used picture frame.
  • Antiques, vintage items have established value.  

Give the Gift of an Enjoyable Experience 
Give a gift that both children and adults will remember long after the snow has melted—the gift of an event, trip or other activity.

Tickets to a college or professional ball game,
a play, 
concert or movie may create unforgettable experiences.

Classes and lessons:  

  • Art or cooking classes
  • Furniture refinishing class
  • Music and vocal lessons
Local Experiences:
  • Emerald City Roller Girls family fun
  • Eugene Parks and Rec ballet, yoga
  • MECCA art classes and crafty parties
  • Science Factory ’Edutainment’
  • Willamalane  the home of ‘Splash’
  • Willamette Pass ski & snowboarding
Travel is a great gift. Trips can be half day, all day or longer. Children remember time spent with relatives and the adventure of travel.

The overwhelming majority of folks who receive dining gift certificates report they would welcome that type of gift again.

Give the Gift of a Helpful Service

Are you handy? Can you sew? Write a good resume? For those of us that aren’t or can’t, the gift of mending clothes, repairing a leaky faucet, or updating a resume would be MOST welcomed and appreciated! Some folks would truly love the gift of raking leaves, lawn mowing, dog walking, childcare, respite elder care, or home cooking.

Children love a day-off from chores or extended bedtime coupons, or a maybe a one time, super duper room cleaning by a grown-up.

Several free online templates exist for making your own gift coupons or you can free-style it using any number of reused materials.

Some coupon ideas for your services:

  • Candlelit dinner
  • Child care
  • Lessons in baking, a hobby or craft
  • Massage or back rub
  • Trip to the nearest State Park

Some examples of services you can purchase and give include:

  • Computer tune-up or diagnosis
  • Diaper service
  • Green fees
  • Gym membership
  • Hair cut
  • Housekeeping or trip to a spa 
  • Internet service
  • Language or music lessons
  • Membership to a museum or aquarium
  • Newspaper or movie subscription
  • Oil change or tune up
  • Online magazine subscription
  • Passes to  museum or special exhibit
  • Service memberships like AAA
  • Sports instruction (ie. Golf or Skiing Lesson)
  • Vegetarian meals delivered
  • Yard Service 



Take Time to Make Memories
Spend time Together. Nature hikes with siblings and parents create time for conversation and sharing and can be a strategic way to get kids out from under foot while food is being prepared. Some other ideas for your family to try:   

  • Make homemade gifts together (click here for one example)
  • Trim a tree with popcorn and berries for wildlife
  • Sing together 
  • Prepare a family recipe together-start a family tradition!

Most family projects are remembered fondly so don’t worry about  messing up the kitchen or getting everything just right. The shared experience has priceless value.  

Artful ReUse Ideas for the Holidays
The holidays were made for crafting! Scrap crafts are far more fun and inventive and they don’t require any shopping! Stamps made from potatoes (cut a potato in half and carve a shape on the flat side, dip in paint and decorate paper grocery sacks to make gift wrap or to use as gift bags). 

Make bows out of used paper, discarded cassette or video film, or shredded wrapping paper. 
" Snowflakes out of six-pack holders
" Gift sleeves from holiday cards,
" Gift boxes from holiday cards,  
" Stars from blister packs 

The possibilities are endless!



Here's a pattern and instructions, found online, for making beautiful flowers from old calendars and other used paper. 

And here are instructions and template for sewing simple bean bags from scrap materials. Including a how to juggle booklet!



Volunteer as a Family, Team or Work Group
Share the joy! Non-volunteers report they are more likely to serve if a trusted friend asks them to. Invite your friends and relatives to volunteer with you!

Include children. People who volunteered as youth are twice as likely to volunteer as adults than those who didn’t experience the ‘glow’ as kids.

Time, enthusiasm and skill are valuable gifts. And, they’re waste-free! Volunteers provide much needed services. Volunteering has been shown to increase or preserve physical and mental health. Volunteers tend to feel happier and live longer than those who do not volunteer.

Finding Local Volunteer opportunities is easy. Visit United Way of Lane County's volunteer page.

Make Good Use of Leftover Holiday Food
Food waste now represents the single largest component of Municipal Solid Waste reaching American landfills and incinerators. According to an annual statewide waste composition study performed by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), more than 450,000 TONS of food waste enter Oregon landfills and incinerators each year—nearly 10% of that goes straight to Short Mountain Landfill right here in Lane County!

Send extra food home with guests. Have a supply of reused containers on hand or ask guests to bring their own.

Many holiday foods freeze well. Make sure leftovers are sealed up tight so you can enjoy them
months later.

Use reusable place settings and cloth napkins.
Instead of Plastic or Paper plates, cups and utensils and paper napkins, make a family tradition of clearing the table together. You can borrow up to 100 place settings from Lane County’s Reusable Dish ware Program at

Have food to donate? Contact the Eugene Mission at 541.344.3251 or Food for Lane County at 541.343.2822

More detailed info from this 
press release

Put Unused Electronics Back to Work
Have you looked in that drawer or closet lately? Chances are you have many unused personal electronics still sitting around since the latest ‘upgrade.’ Those items still have life in them but the longer they sit, the more likely they will have to be recycled rather than refurbished. Don’t delay. Donate unwanted electronics right away. Put these valuable items back into action serving our local community through job training opportunities, technology grants for local schools and at risk families.

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