What is the Community Corrections Center (CCC)? 
The CCC is a work release program and an alternative to jail for people who are sentenced. It provides a controlled environment for inmates to reintegrate into the community by establishing employment, entering an education program, establishing healthy relationships and entering treatment programs.   The primary goal is to reduce recidivism (decrease the chance the person will commit new crimes in the future). The CCC allows inmates to maintain or seek and gain employment to help support their families and/or save money for housing upon release. This gives the inmate a foundation to continue on as a productive person in our community once released instead of being without housing and employment upon release. This also allows the inmate to pay on financial responsibilities like rent to stay at the CCC, restitution, fines and child support. Evidence has shown that inmates who have housing and employment are less likely to commit crime.  The CCC can be reached by phone at (541) 682-2297.

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