Corrections Division Frequently Asked Questions 

Jail and General

I am a victim - How can I find out when the person is going to get out of jail?

Can you pass a message to an inmate?

How can I put money on an inmate’s commissary account?
How can I get a copy of my jail records or an inmate’s records or a mug shot of myself or someone else?

Can you run someone for warrants?

Can you tell me if someone has been in jail in the past and what were their charges?

Can you tell me if, or when, an inmate will be transported?

How can I get visitation information?

How can I find out if someone is in jail?

Where can I get phone numbers for areas of the Sheriff’s Office or Lane County?

What time are arraignments conducted at the jail?

My friend is missing, are there other jails in Lane County?

Why doesn’t the jail offer a Vegetarian Diet to inmates?

How many meals does the jail make?

How much does it cost to feed the Lane County Inmates?

I’m going to jail, how do I make sure I receive my medications in jail?

How much does it cost to keep an inmate in jail?

How many jail beds does Lane County have?

How many jail beds does Lane County need?

How many people are let out of jail because of over-crowding?

Why are you letting people go with violent offenses, when there are people with non-serious crimes being held in jail?

Can I bring trial clothing for an inmate?

Why does it cost so much to keep an inmate in jail?

Can I tour the Lane County Jail facility?

Can an inmate make calls from the jail? Can I set up an account for calls? Can I block inmate calls?

Alternative Programs

What are Alternative Programs?

Why do we have Alternative Programs?

What is the Community Corrections Center (CCC)?

How many inmates live at the Community Corrections Center?

What is the Electronic Surveillance Program (ESP)?

Do inmates attend treatment programs while at the CCC or ESP?

Do Inmates at the CCC or ESP pay for their incarceration?

Why don’t inmates pay more to be in Alternative Programs?

Which inmates are eligible for Alternative Programs?

How does the Electronic Surveillance Program work?

Who is eligible for ESP?

What can people on ESP do?

Are offenders on ESP restricted to their home?

How are offenders monitored while on ESP?

What's the phone number for Sheriff’s Work Crew inquiries?

Can I get the schedule of an inmate on Sheriff’s Work Crew?

Can I do Sheriff’s Work Crew to work off my fines?

Can I bring my own lunch for the days I work on the Sheriff’s Work Crew?

Do inmates on Sheriff’s Work Crew receive good time and work credit?

What do inmates do on Sheriff’s Work Crew?

Special Services

What volunteer positions are available in the Corrections Division?

How can I apply to be a volunteer and what are the requirements?

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