Inmate Trust Account-Commissary Funds 
Inmate Trust Account/Commissary Funds:
Friends and family members can deposit funds using the following methods:
  • Jail Kiosk: Cash or Credit/Debit cards can be used to deposit funds
  • Internet Deposits: via the provider’s website:
  • Toll Free Phone Deposits: by calling 866-345-1884

A fee will be charged for funds deposited using the options above and for funds received through the U.S. mail (see fee chart below). Funds are not accepted over the counter at the reception desk. Offenders will not be charged a fee during the booking process for funds placed on their Trust Account.

NOTE: Inmates released from Lane County Adult Corrections (LCAC) will receive the balance of their Inmate Trust Account on a Debit Card, after which LCAC will not be responsible for the funds on the card or the card itself. All questions, such as card balance, fee charges, PIN numbers or lost cards shall be directed to Access Freedom Customer Service at 1-877-592-1118.


Gross Amount Deposited

Credit/Debit Deposits via Website

Credit/Debit Deposits via Phone

Credit/Debit Deposits via Jail Lobby Kiosk

Cash Deposits via Lobby Kiosk

$0.01 - $19.99





$20.00 - $99.99





$100.00 - $199.99





$200.00 - $300.00






$0.01 - $300.00