What to do During a Flood 
  • Do not go near, walk, swim or drive through flood waters.

  • Do not travel unless necessary to do so.

  • Be aware that trees could fall as a result of saturated soils.

  • Do not go near or around downed power lines.  Call your local utility to report any downed power lines.

  • Check on elderly people, children at home alone and any special needs family, friends or neighbors to see if they need assistance.

  • Postpone any unnecessary travel to the coast until conditions improve.

  • If safe to do so, store or tie down outdoor furniture

  • Before an area is flooded, turn off water and electricity in any flood prone structures.  Unplug appliances and do not touch if wet.

  • If you have areas of deep water, let it flow to the basement to limit or avoid structural damage.

  • Elevate valuables onto tables or to upper floors.

  • Understanding that power outages are often widespread, if safe to do so, please check on others who may be without power and in need of assistance.

Please be aware that property owners are responsible for protecting their own property. 

Please do not call 911 unless there is a life threatening emergency.