FAQ - Animals 

There is a dead animal in the road/in the ditch/on my property.  Who should I notify?  What should I do with it? 

If a dead animal is located on a county roadway, or along a county maintained right-of-way, such as a ditch, you should contact Lane County Public Works at 541-682-6900.  They are the responders for this sort of situation. If the dead animal is causing a traffic hazard, please call our dispatch center at 541-682-4150. 

If a dead animal is on private property, it is the responsibility of the property owner to arrange for disposal/removal.

Livestock is loose, though there isn’t a traffic hazard, what should I do? 

Livestock at large that is not posing a traffic hazard falls under the authority of the Brand Inspector’s Office.  You can reach the Brand Inspector at 541-747-9979.  

If this is a continual problem with livestock coming on to your property and the owner of the livestock is known, you can pursue a formal criminal complaint with our office.  This involves a citation and court process, so you need to be willing to follow through should the case go to court.


My neighbor’s dog is trying to break through the fence; or the dog is dangerous and running at large; or my child was just bitten on her way home from school.  I live in Veneta or Creswell.  What can, should I do? 

The Sheriff’s Office provides contract law enforcement services to the cities of Veneta and Creswell.  Should a dog be actively engaged in aggressive behavior toward people or animals, you should call  9-1-1.  That call will prompt medical attention if needed and will also be routed to our office for a deputy response.

If the situation is NOT in progress and there is no immediate threat, you should contact Veneta or Creswell City Hall in order to start the reporting process with your city government.


Who do I report animal abuse, neglect and mistreatment to?

For animal abuse/cruelty that is in progress or just occurred, you should contact our Dispatch Center at 541-682-4141.

For abuse/neglect/mistreatment situations inside the city limits of Veneta and Creswell, you should also contact our Dispatch Center.

For ongoing situations in the rest of the county, contact Lane County Animal Services.  The office is open Monday through Friday.  You may contact them via phone at (541) 682-3645. 

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