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Police Records 

The Police Records Unit consists of Police Records, Civil Records, Concealed Handgun Licensing and Central Reception.  This Unit processes and maintains accurate law enforcement records for public inspection, crime analysis, investigation, apprehension, prosecution and contractual, statutory and reporting requirements including for state and federal agencies.  The Police Records Unit also processes, maintains, and confirms all warrants held by the Sheriff's Office, and arranges extradition for prisoners arrested outside of Oregon on Lane County warrants.

The Police Records Unit issues various licenses and permits,  photographs and fingerprints (mug-and-print) individuals as ordered by the courts, and provides fingerprinting services for the general public.  The Police Records Unit is also responsible for vehicle impounds; mailing the required notification to registered owners, and releasing vehicles when owners respond to the Sheriff's Office. 

Police Records Staff - 13 employees - in 2014 

  • handled 25,060 incoming phone calls.
  • processed and assumed custodial control over 8,329 police reports
  • received and performed data entry on 1,626 warrants, for an average of 136 new warrants per month.  593 of these warrants were issued by Parole/Probation 
  • processed 112 fugitives arrested in Lane County for out-of-state agencies (37 in 2012 - 300% increase) and processed 24 extraditions back into Lane County Jail from outside the state.
  • issued 1,877 new Concealed Handgun Licenses (CHLs).  As of 5/4/15, there are 18,420 CHL holders in Lane County.  Lane County is 4th in the state behind Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington County.
  • processed 2,328 CHL renewals.  
  • processed 78 CHL revocations and 15 application denials.
  • produced 8,341 fingerprint cards for the public.
  • registered 430 sex offenders (265 in 2012 - 62% increase).
  • processed 74 Federal Firearms Transfers.
  • processed 147 OLCC permits.
  • processed 7,057 civil papers (subpoenas/small claims/court ordered evicitions, etc.). 

Please use the following links for necessary forms, fee information, and instructions for requesting police reports or incident logs.






 Instructions for Requesting Police Reports or Incident Logs

Citizen Self Report Form

Daily Activity Log


  1. Provide prompt, courteous and professional service to both our internal and external customers.
  2. Begin work to make public information more accessible to the public and news media; i.e., Internet.
  3. Develop an online (electronic) system for the public to file police reports.
  4. Accurately process and enter missing and wanted persons, warrants, citations, stolen property, police reports and other record-keeping information into records and computer systems, meeting department, state and federal requirements.
  5. Process criminal subpoenas, civil notices, vehicle impounds and protective orders in a timely and accurate manner and with a helpful attitude toward the courts and public.