Property / Evidence 


  • The Property/Evidence Unit is responsible for the collection, preservation, storage, management and final disposition of all evidence collected by both the Sheriff's Office and Lane County Parole/Probation.  Many of the items lodged in the unit are processed through the OSP Forensics Laboratory system, while others are processed internally.  This Unit also responds to major crime scenes to assist investigators with the proper collection and documentation of evidence and may also be called upon to assist with the County's Major Crime Team in support of other police agencies. Additionally, the Property/Evidence Unit is responsible for maintaining an active purge system to maximize use of Department resources, while either returning property to its owner in a timely fashion, legally converting property to County use or destroying it. 

In 2014 (1 FTE)

  • 5,431 items were submitted for processing. Proper documentation of the chain of custody for each individual item is essential for the successful prosecution of criminal cases. This not only protects the professional reputation of the Sheriff's Office, but also reduces the Department's exposure to liability situations.
  • managed custodial control over 472 items in off-site storage locations.
  • 559 items were returned to their owner.
  • 2,149 items were destroyed/purged as a result of court order, forfeiture, settlement of criminal case, etc.
  • removed 442 pounds of prescription medication from our community through two Drug Take Back events.
  • removed 1000 pounds of prescription medication from our community through the Drug Drop Box in LCSO's lobby.
  • 66 items were transferred to other law enforcement agencies (drug samples for testing, returned stolen property to other departments, etc).
  • 435 items were transported to the Oregon State Police Crime Lab for forensic examination.
  • performed 124 firearms traces on seized weapons through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
  • Top crimes associated with seized weapons that were traced:
    • Weapon Offense (19)
    • Found Firearm (18)
    • Felon in Possession of Firearm (17)
    • Health/Safety (12)
    • Suicide (11)
    • Homicide - willful killing of non-family (7)